Haunted House Coloring Page

Updated August 26, 2018
haunted house coloring page

Coloring is a great way to keep your kids busy and creatively engaged, all while teaching them about concentration and focus. During October, help your little ones get into the Halloween spirit by printing out fun haunted house coloring pages for them.

Fun Halloween Haunted House Coloring Pages

These free haunted coloring pages have everything you need for chills and thrills. To print coloring pages, simply click on the images. If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips.

Simple Haunted House Coloring Page

This simple haunted house page is the perfect way to inspire creativity, and comes complete with bats and a full moon. This Halloween coloring page is perfect for a preschool activity or to keep party guests busy while you wait for everyone to arrive. Imagine what kind of creepy creatures might be peeking out from the windows of this scary abode! Your little one can have fun adding details and different colors to make it the as spooky or cute as she wants.

Haunted house coloring page
Download the haunted house coloring page

Haunted House With Ghosts and Pumpkins

Along with a classic haunted house, why not add in some ghosts and pumpkins to complete the theme? Kids can even add additional faces to the blank pumpkins.

haunted house page
Download this fun Halloween coloring page

Haunted House Hidden Picture Page

This page is more than just a fun Halloween-themed page to color, it features a fun hidden picture activity to keep kids entertained, too.

haunted house coloring page and
Download the haunted house hidden picture coloring page

Ways to Use Your Printable Coloring Pages

These Halloween pictures are completely free, so print out as many pages as you'd like. Your little one can use the printables to express their creativity and unwind from their day. Coloring is also a great activity to do when the weather is cold or rainy.

Sharing With Friends

The printables work great as a cute keepsake for your little one to hand out at a Halloween party, or at school as a sweet holiday card for their peers. Just have them color in the images and decorate the pictures in whatever way they'd like. Write the intended recipient's name at the top of the page in spooky lettering for some added personalization. You can pass these out with candy or homemade goodies for an extra special touch.

Sharing With Friends

Halloween Decorations

These decorated pictures can also work as Halloween decorations to put around the house during the month of October. Put them on your fridge, in your child's room, or your main living space to add some Halloween spirit to your home.

Short Story

Using their picture as inspiration, help your child come up with a spooky Halloween story. This can be a fun way to bond with your little one and help him create his own Halloween tale. You can even use this image to teach your child about the history of Halloween, and the tradition of trick or treating.

Other Holiday Printables

Coloring holiday-specific images is a great way to get into the holiday season. If your child enjoys coloring this Halloween image, she may also like:

Enjoying Your Coloring Pages

Help your little one celebrate Halloween by printing out these fun coloring pages for her. These pages can be colored with markers, colored pencils, and even water color paints. If they're feeling extra crafty, you can provide fun decorations for them to add to their images, such as glitter and stickers. Enjoy this fun holiday by spending time coloring festive images together.

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Haunted House Coloring Page