Safety Tips for Kids' Halloween Activities

A flame retardant costume is best.

When it comes to autumn celebrating, you want to make sure that Halloween safety activities for kids are available. Keeping kids safe is key for the enjoyment of the season of Halloween.

Five Halloween Safety Activities for Kids

Even the youngest child can learn tips for how to make Halloween safe. Keep these rules in mind at all times and teach them to your children. When children know that these are the ways to have a safe and happy Halloween, they will take precaution in following them.

Here are five Halloween safety activities for kids to observe:

  • Clothing/Costume - A child's costume should be flame retardant and fit well. A good-fitting costume assures that the child can freely move in it and be comfortable as he or she walks around the neighborhood trick or treating. An ill-fitting costume that is much too big or small, will cause discomfort. The child also needs to be able to see from his mask so he won't trip when going up porch steps to the neighbor's front door. He should practice walking in costume around the house so that he knows how to handle himself while wearing it. Toy swords, knives, wands and guns should all be plastic and not able to hurt anyone.
  • Lighting - Keep your house lit so that kids know you are home and that your house is one where they can stop by for candy. Keep lights on outside as well as at least one on inside. Tell your children to only go to homes where lights are on. If they feel uncomfortable with a certain house because of poor lighting or out of fear of something not feeling right, tell them to trust their instincts and by-pass that particular home. Many kids carry flashlights when they go out on Halloween night. A flashlight gives a good feeling of security.
  • Candy - Make sure your child has a container for the candy he gets. A pillowcase is an inexpensive bag that can easily be opened for neighbors to place candy in. It's easy to carry, too. Emphasize that your children must wait to get home to you before eating any of their candy. Once at home, dump the contents of the treat bag or pillowcase on the counter and sort through the candy. Make sure that every piece in the loot is wrapped and looks acceptable to you. Toss out any pieces that have been tampered with. As the expression goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Groups - Trick or treat in groups. Never let a child venture out alone. Know the children your kids are going out with on Halloween night. Tell your children to avoid talking to strangers. If a car slows down and the driver asks the child to get inside, make sure your child knows that this is not permissible. Tell your child to walk and not run.
  • Route - If your children are able to trick or treat without adult supervision, make sure they have a planned route to take. Help them to know how to walk home from the end of the route, once they are finished with going door to door. If they have to cross a street, make sure they feel comfortable doing this. It might be helpful for the group of kids to have one cell phone between them in case they need help. Go over your home number with your children so that they memorize it. If they aren't sure, write your number on a slip of paper to put in one of their pockets. Keeping to the sides of the streets and sticking with their group along the planned route keeps everyone safe.
Go over safety rules with children

Safety Makes For Good Fun

Repeat these rules to your children so that they will know how to have a safe Halloween. There is even a quiz kids can take to ensure that they know the rules. When safety is emphasized, and tips on how to be safe are kept, everyone can have a happy and fun Halloween.

Other Halloween Activities

Besides trick or treating, there are plenty of other fun activities for children to engage in during this season. Coloring pages, playing games, and doing crafts are some of the ways in which preschool and school-aged children can enjoy the days before and after Halloween. Invite some friends over and bob for apples or decorate paper pumpkins. On Halloween night, small children may tire of going door to door, and an activity or two at home may be more suitable.

Above all, keep safe!

Safety Tips for Kids' Halloween Activities