Halloween Printable Activities

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With cool weather keeping children inside more, Halloween printable activities are ideal for keeping them busy while celebrating the ghoulish haunts of the season. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Free Halloween Printable Activities

More Free Halloween Printables

Budget conscious parents, child care providers, and educators will appreciate the wide variety of free and low cost Halloween printable activities available from these websites:


Who said spooky can't be educational as well? Certainly not the people at EnchantedLearning.com. They offer a wide variety of crafts and Halloween printouts for grades K through third. All projects are categorized based on the lesson learned, such as math, art, and reading comprehension. Find such fun favorites as:

  • Directions to make a skeleton by gluing dried pasta to black paper
  • Ghost pop-up card
  • Halloween spelling lists
  • Which Witch is Which, a learning left from right activity
  • Halloween word search puzzle and word unscrambles
  • Match games
  • Alphabetize Halloween words
  • Connect-the-dots
  • Mazes
  • Writing activities
  • Spooky nametags
  • Halloween coloring books to print


First-School offers free preschool lessons, activities and crafts. Their Halloween activities are appropriate for ages two through six and consist of coloring pages and mazes.


Looking for everything from Halloween printable activities to art projects and seasonal recipes for kids? Look to TheTeachersCorner.net for a wide variety of solutions, including:

  • Printable Halloween crossword puzzles
  • Graveyard Cupcakes recipe
  • Ghost riddles
  • Spooky greeting cards
  • Halloween songs
  • Pumpkin adjectives
  • Scary story starters

Please note that this site also lists links to additional resources, so you may be redirected to another website for some of the printables.


edHelper.com takes Halloween activities for kids in grades one through ten a step further and provides detailed lessons plans as well. Not only will you find a selection of the typical holiday-themed coloring pages, art projects, and word puzzles, you'll also find these printouts:

  • Spanish, French, German, Italian Halloween printables
  • Haunting visual perceptual skills projects
  • A vocabulary Halloween board game
  • Reading comprehension assignments
  • Analogies and critical thinking printables
  • Play scripts

edHelper charges a modest $19.99 a year for a basic subscription and $39.98 for an expanded subscription. With the wide selection of materials edHelper has available, including answer keys, it is well worth the cost.

Do It Yourself

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When you can't find the printable you want from an online source, it may be time to create your own. Check these handy tools out:

  • CrosswordPuzzleGames.com lets you enter up to 20 words with clues to create your own crossword puzzles, so jazz things up with your favorite Halloween monsters and slide in your child's name just for fun.
  • Use Word Turtle at Funbrain.com to create customized word search games. The games can be played online or printed out for you and your friends. Word Turtle also comes with a number of premade puzzles based on your favorite books.
  • Use free clipart from websites like these to design your own holiday stationary.

A Time for Down Time

All children need to stay active, both physically and mentally, but not all of their time needs to be spent in constant stimulation. This is especially true during the holidays when excitement levels are at their highest. Remember moderation and variety are key to raising a healthy, well-balanced child, so mix up a variety of activities. Challenge their minds with reading and educational worksheets, but also give them the latitude to enjoy their creative side with art projects and coloring sheets. Fortunately, you can find plenty of Halloween printable activities to do both.

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Halloween Printable Activities