Halloween Printable Activities

Kids coloring Halloween printables

With cool weather keeping children inside more, Halloween printable activities are ideal for keeping them busy while celebrating the ghoulish haunts of the season. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Free Halloween Printable Activities

In the classroom or at home kids can test their logic and direction-following skills with printable worksheets and puzzles. Take the fun to your neighbors when you use the Halloween Boo signs to make fun treats you secretly deliver to friends.

Monster Memory Game

Put a new twist on memory and enhance cognitive skills with this cute monster memory.

Kids Halloween monster memory game
Download the monster memory game

Halloween Trivia

Kids that are a bit older will love testing their knowledge or challenging friends with this trivia activity.

Kids Halloween trivia
Download kids Halloween trivia

Halloween Mazes

Use this Halloween pumpkin or spiderweb maze in the classroom or at home for a fun activity.

Halloween Printable Activites maze thumb
Download this free printable Halloween maze

Spooky Hidden Pictures

Hidden pictures are fun for all ages. Kids can work individually or with pairs or teams to see who can find the pictures first.

Spooky hidden picture puzzle
Download the spooky hidden picture puzzle

Creepy Word Search

Work on reading skills in a fun way with this Halloween word search.

Kids creepy word search puzzle
Download the creepy word search

Spot the Differences

Kids can test how well they pay attention to detail in this Halloween activity for finding the differences.

Kids spooky spot the difference worksheet
Download the spooky spot the difference

Free Printable Halloween Arts and Crafts

Halloween arts and crafts pictures and projects make great decorations for your bedroom, home, or school.

DIY Halloween Cards

Help friends and family get in the mood for the holiday by coloring and sending fun Halloween cards. Include a treat with the card to make it extra special.

DIY Halloween Masks

If you're looking for a quick and easy costume idea, print out the mask you like best and tie on some elastic string. Pick an outfit that matches that character like a black suit jacket for Frankenstein.

Plain monster mask printable
Download the blank monster mask

Halloween Craft Project Templates

Extend the Halloween fun before and after trick-or-treating with cute Halloween projects. All you need are paper and scissors!

Printable Halloween Party Supplies

If you're helping host an epic Halloween party, these free supplies can take the party to the next level of spooky.

Halloween Party Invitations

Get the party started off right by filling in the details on a creepy Halloween party invitation.

Make It a Halloween to Remember

Fill the days leading up to Halloween with fun, creative, and free activities that celebrate all things spooky. Kids and adults can work together to create a fun or scary atmosphere.

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Halloween Printable Activities