Helping Your Child Learn Grammar

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Children begin picking up language when they are infants. That's why it's important to be aware of the lessons they are learning from you about grammar even before they begin speaking. Here are some tips you can use to help your child master proper language usage from an early age.

Set a Positive Example

It's very natural to talk "baby talk" to infants and toddlers. In fact, speaking to a child in this manner is an essential part of interacting with a child. As children grow, however, their vocabulary expands. While it's often cute to hear a small child mispronounce a word or use the wrong verb tense, it isn't so charming once a child progresses past kindergarten or first grade.

Have you paid attention to the grammar that is used in the world around you? If not, it's time that you did because what you hear is also what your child hears. While you may recognize that a sales clerk, mail carrier, or neighbor is using incorrect grammar, your child may simply conclude that the grammar he hears everyday is perfectly acceptable. How do you change that? You must start teaching correct grammar for kids at a very young age.

Understanding the Importance of Grammar

So, why is good grammar for kids so important? As kids progress through their academic careers, they will hopefully gain many skills that will enable them to one day live independently. While of course not everyone will attend college, most people will hopefully be employed. The workforce is highly competitive in almost any field, and while education and experience play an important role in gaining a job and progressing in a career, presentation of self is also important. Preparing kids for the role of professional begins at a very young age, and good grammar is an essential part of this preparation.

Daily Grammar Lessons for Your Child

One of the easiest and most successful ways of ensuring your kids learn good grammar skills is to be an example in how you speak and write. If you use good grammar and emphasize the use of correct grammar to your kids, then they will have a jump start in language skills and comprehension before they are even enrolled in school.

  • Model good language everyday in your home and anywhere else you go.
  • Correct your child's grammar. Even toddlers can learn the difference between "I seen" and "I saw", and it will only take a moment to make this correction.
  • If your kids complain that other adults use incorrect words or phrases, talk to them about what they hear or see. Explain that not everyone uses correct grammar. Point out to your child that while he may hear words or phrases misused, he should make every effort to speak correctly.

Positive Impact of Grammar Skills

Your child will benefit in many ways from learning proper grammar. Benefits include:

  • She'll be more likely to succeed in school.
  • She'll make a more positive impression on others.
  • She may find it easier to gain employment and move up the career ladder.

More Resources

For more help on instilling good grammar skills in your kids, check out the following sites:

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Helping Your Child Learn Grammar