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Gorilla Toys for Kids


Purchasing outdoor Gorilla toys for kids will encourage them to be active as they enjoy outdoor activities on a swing set created just for them. From playsets to swings and accessories, Gorilla Playsets will encourage children's enthusiasm for open-air playtime.

Gorilla Playsets Brand

Since 1992, the company has been providing ready to assemble playsets using top materials and lumber. By providing everything in just one kit, all a parent needs to do is use household tools to complete the project. Using regular tools like drills, hammers, levels, and wrenches, anyone can follow the easy instructions to create his or her own backyard wooden toy oasis.

The set comes with a warranty for 10 years on all wooden pieces of the sets, and for one year for all other parts. Gorilla Playsets cares about children's safety and offers tips for safe playing and maintenance on their website.

Swing Set Gorilla Toys for Kids

Creating a safe and fun zone for children to play in is essential to any parent. Affordability and ease of assembly are also factors when purchasing outdoor playsets for kids. Gorilla Playsets offers four series of swing sets, each featuring a basic set that is subsequently built upon. Price ranges vary, with most sets shipping free to many areas.

Jungle Series Swing Sets

The basic Jungle Series offers affordable fun for kids of all ages. The Jungle Escape features a climbing wall, monkey bars, two swings, trapeze bar, rope ladder, sandbox, slide and canopy. The Adventure builds upon the Escape design, making a larger canopy area and bigger climbing wall, along with adding a safety stepladder.

Congo Series Swing Sets

The Congo Series offers three options for outdoor fun. The Outing's options include a slide, swings, climbing ladder, and more. The Climber II includes a picnic table, longer slide, and tire swing beam. The Climber Redwood II has similar features to the Climber II but features California Redwood lumber and Western Red cedar decks and panels.

Blue Ridge Series Swing Sets

The Blue Ridge Series offers four different premium swing set options:

  • Overlook: Features in the Overlook include safety handles, steering wheel, telescope, and built-in picnic table.
  • Overlook Redwood: The features are similar to the original Overlook, but it is made of California Redwood, with pine posts and Western Red cedar decks and panels.
  • Chateau: Instead of a canopy roof, find a Tongue and Groove wood roof on this set which also has a telescope and built-in picnic table.

Playset Swings and Accessories

Gorilla toys for kids do not just end with large playsets. The company also offers a variety of optional add-ons and stand-alone outdoor toys to create a fun play area. Consider purchasing the following options for a Gorilla Playset:

  • Tic Tac Toe Spinner Panel: Add a game to a wooden playset railing.
  • Full Bucket Swings: The bucket design makes the swing a toddler toy, perfect for those aged 1-3, these swings are safe and comfortable.
  • Sea Saw: A playground favorite for the home, available in California Redwood or preserved pine.
  • Buoy Ball w/Trapeze Bar: Children can bounce around on this inflatable rubber ball, in choice of four colors.
  • Safety Pad: Protect kids from play injuries by putting these pads where they are needed.

Purchasing Gorilla toys for kids can turn a plain backyard into an outdoor adventure for children of all ages. The affordability and ease of construction will make parents and grandparents pleased, too.

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Gorilla Toys for Kids