Types of GPS Child Tracking Devices

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Many parents are turning to GPS kids tracking devices for peace of mind and an added feeling of security.

The Purpose

Why would you use a GPS tracking device? A GPS (global positioning system) will allow you to keep track of your child's location using a tracking device and/or the Internet. You can't always be with your kids, but you can track their location. Nobody ever wants to experience the feeling of losing a child, and while any form of technology has its limits, you can pinpoint your child's location as long has he has the GPS unit with him.

How It Works

Different types of GPS have various features, but they commonly include setting what's referred to as a "safe zone" on the GPS. Your child then wears or carries the unit. The device could be placed in a watch, on an article of clothing, etc. Once she enters or exits this zone, the device will notify you and begin monitoring the child's movements and location. Some units have built-in alarms that will notify the user that she has gone past her set zone. With your subscription, you may be able to access any or all of the following features:

  • Units may include cameras that can be remotely turned on from another location.
  • Units can feature speakers for instant communication. Speakers also allow you to listen in on your children.
  • Devices may be set to notify you in emergency circumstances, such as falling into water, etc.
  • Some units can monitor someone's blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate.
  • Many devices feature emergency panic buttons that can be pushed in an instant.
  • The subscription service may offer detailed maps that will allow you to pinpoint your child's exact location, including the address.

Automobile GPS

For parents of teens, keeping track of their kids' activities can be difficult. Once your teen enters the world of driving, your worries are compounded. While obviously, a GPS unit can prevent your teen from having an automobile accident, it can give you a good idea about where your teen is going every time he is out of sight. Is this idea popular with teens? Of course not! If you want to monitor your teen's whereabouts, however, a GPS is for you. It will only take about 30 to 40 minutes to have a GPS device installed into your teen's car. You can then keep track of her location through a secure website, and you can access this website anytime, night or day! Most GPS units are customizable. You can set it to alert you for specific events, locations, etc. You can also monitor your teen's speed as well-a great feature! Before purchasing a GPS kids unit, check with your insurance company. They may offer discounts for vehicles that sport a GPS.

Tracking Through Cell Phones

Cell phone companies are jumping on the bandwagon of GPS kids tracking. Various companies, like Disney Mobile's Family Locator and Verizon's Chaperone Service will allow you to monitor your child's location. Verizon also offers a notification feature, which will notify your son or daughter's phone and let him or her know that you are checking a location. Nextel is another company that offers you the option of adding this feature to your cell phone plan.

What do you think?

Many people disagree on the benefits of using a GPS system to track kids' movements and location. Some believe that the age of technology has gone too far, and privacy has been taken away. Others feel that kids need additional limits, and privacy shouldn't be an issue between parents and their children. What do you think? Should parents be allowed to track their children's movements at any and all times? Does the security outweigh the negativity? Let us know what you think in the comments section of this article! After all, we'd "love to know!"

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Types of GPS Child Tracking Devices