Free Printable Treasure Hunt Clue Sheets

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Sending kids on a treasure hunt is a great way to keep them busy during any party. It is also a good indoor activity for kids when the weather is inclement. Use one of LTK's fun printable clue sheets to get them excited about their hunt.

Printable Clue Sheets for You to Download

A treasure hunt will lead kids from one clue to another, until they find their "treasure" after figuring out the final clue. Many treasure hunts have themed clues to fit a party or seasonal theme. Download these themed clue sheets for your next party. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Using the Clue Sheets

Print off the clue sheet you are using so you have multiple copies of the clues. Cut the clue sheets so that there are no more clues beyond the first one on the instruction page. Place the rest of the clues in their designated spots. This way, kids can keep their clues as they move through the hunt, and no one walks away with a clue the next team needs to find.

Make the treasure hunt more exciting by having a fun prize for each child at the very end. You could place items in bowls marked for the first, second, and third place finishers. Alternatively, offer one prize to the winners and give everyone a themed treasure hunt favor after the party is over.

Happy Hunting

Free treasure hunt clues make party planning easy. Simply print the pages and hide the clues in their appropriate spots. Don't forget to have your camera ready once the hunt begins!

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Free Printable Treasure Hunt Clue Sheets