Free Sunday School Lesson Resources for Children

Free Sunday School Lessons

When using free Sunday school lessons for children, take into consideration age appropriateness for the materials you choose. The right materials make the lesson interesting which helps Sunday school students learn, and it also encourages them to come back week after week.

Resources for Free Sunday School Lessons for Children

Whether you teach stories from the New Testament, Old Testament, or both, you can find a wealth of materials and lessons available for children online. Just because these lessons are free does not mean they are substandard in any way. Many of the Christian sites that offer these resources make the materials available as part of their ministry. In some of these cases, the people who developed the lessons have already received compensation and believe it is the Christian way to then give them to the public rather than to sell them to make a profit. By making the materials available for free, it removes financial obstacles from smaller churches that may not have a budget to support their growing Sunday School needs.

DLTK Growing Together

Some resource sites such as DLTK provide teacher's guides and even offer crafts and activities to supplement the free Sunday school lessons they offer. Not only that, but the same Bible lesson is available for different ages. Lessons include a printable mini book version of the lesson for pre-K and kindergarten classes. Aside from lessons for the younger children, a King James version, and children's version appropriate for middle schoolers is available.

Ministry To Children

The Ministry To Children site offers a large range of printable free Sunday School lessons. Their discussion-based lesson plans are perfect for 3-5th graders, but they also provide a nice selection of free lessons for pre-K. Lesson plans include:

  • Leaning Objective
  • Memory Verse
  • Target Age Group
  • The Bible Story (and discussion)
  • Review Questions

Danielle's Place

Danielle's Place offers free lessons for Sunday School children in English or Spanish. Lesson selection is limited but lessons are updated on a regular basis.

Calvary Curriculum

Calvary Curriculum provides lesson plans for preschoolers through sixth grade. They are available for free, with some restrictions as listed on the website. Lesson plans include a Bible story as well as a memory verse and activities like puzzles, word games, quizzes and coloring pages related to the lesson. This is another bilingual resource with lessons available in both English and Spanish.

Other Formats for Sunday School Lessons for Children

Free Sunday School lessons for children are available in a variety of formats on the Internet. Downloadable lessons make it easy to have enough handouts for all the children in your Sunday School class, but take a moment to consider other Bible story lesson formats now available via the Internet. These formats provide a more interactive approach.

Finger Plays

Free finger play Bible lessons add hand motions to Bible stories. This is a great way to keep your students engaged, and can be added to your curriculum to reinforce the lesson. They also make a great time filler if church happens to run a little longer than expected.

Children's Ministry offers a free finger play for the Christmas story that's suited for toddlers. Other finger play topics include See the Baby Jesus, David and Goliath, and more.

Free Object Lessons

Some other resources worth mentioning are the free object lessons available for Sunday School. Object lessons are perfect for visual learners. They use an everyday object or objects to help teach the lesson. The following resources provide a wide selection of possibilities:


While these sites give permission for their materials to be used, it is always best to show the materials to your church leaders before actually using them to teach children in your Sunday school class. Some churches only sanction the use of materials produced by their denomination even though the message is the same. Others, however, will be happy to see that they can save money and still have quality materials to use.

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Free Sunday School Lesson Resources for Children