Free Sunday School Lessons for Children

Children Praying Together

When using free Sunday school lessons for children, take into consideration age appropriateness for the materials you choose. The right materials make the lesson interesting which helps Sunday school students learn and encourages them to come back week after week.

Free Printable Children's Bible Lessons

The key to teaching great Bible lessons for kids of all ages is to make it fun. Think outside the box when planning your lessons for Sunday school using creative worksheets. Click on the image of the printable you want to use, then hit the "download" and "print" icons. If you run into any problems, troubleshoot with the Adobe guide.

Guess Who? People of the Bible

Bible lessons for toddlers and preschoolers often start with sharing simple, yet memorable Bible stories and verses. When choosing a printable for this age group or kids with special needs, look for illustrations that can help display information. This People of the Bible matching worksheet pairs the names of introductory Bible characters with images of them on one side. On the other side of the page are illustrations and words describing what these people are known for. Kids simply draw a line from each character on the left to their action on the right. To use this worksheet, start by reading simple stories about Mary and Joseph, Noah, David, Jesus, Jonah, and Moses. Then, you can complete the activity as a group or pair older kids up with younger ones to complete it in small groups.

People of the Bible Matching
People of the Bible Matching

The Book of Genesis Math

Young children ages five to seven learn research and math skills while discovering the story of creation with this lesson. Start by reading the Book of Genesis with the group. Show them what the text looks like and explain how the Bible's numbering system works for text. Give each child a Bible or a printout of Genesis 1 and 2 to use as a reference for the worksheet. Have each child complete the activity independently, then come together as a group and discuss the answers.

Genesis Math Worksheet
Genesis Math Worksheet

Scripture in Your Own Words

When kids are little, they learn to memorize Bible verses at Sunday school. As they get older, your job is to help them understand what all these words mean. Upper elementary kids ages eight to eleven can complete this worksheet independently or in small discussion groups. Start your lesson by reading one common Bible verse at a time and discussing its meaning. Then give kids this printable Bible activity where they need to rephrase three Bible verses in their own words.

Rewriting Scripture Worksheet
Rewriting Scripture Worksheet

Printable Christian Activities

If you're looking for a Christian activity handout, these options might work for your lessons. You can choose from a challenging Creation Story word search, David and Goliath word scramble, or an active Noah's ark art activity.

Fun Formats for Kids' Sunday School Lessons

Free Sunday school lessons for children are available in a variety of formats. Downloadable lessons make it easy to have enough handouts for all the children in your Sunday school class, but take a moment to consider other Bible story lesson formats that provide a more interactive approach.

Bible Fingerplays

Fingerplay lessons add hand motions to Bible stories. This is a great way to keep your students engaged and can be added to your curriculum to reinforce the lesson. They also make a great time filler if church happens to run a little longer than expected. Look for free Bible finger plays online or take a classic kids' fingerplay and replace a few words to make it fit your lesson.

Object Lessons

Object lessons are perfect for visual learners. They use an everyday object or objects to help teach the lesson. Examples include breaking open different colored chicken eggs to show that things that look different on the outside are the same on the inside because they were all created by God. Choose objects that are familiar to the kids in your group to make the lesson more meaningful.

Multimedia Presentations

Kids often have short attention spans, so create a lesson that includes lots of different elements. After choosing your lesson topic and objective, look for short videos, songs, books, and active games or activities that reinforce this lesson. Anything kids can look at and interact with will keep their attention and stick in their minds long after your time together is up.

Sunday School Field Trips

Even if you have to stay around your building during lessons, you can take the kids to different rooms and even outside to keep their attention. If you're working on lessons about prayer, you could try silent prayers out in the grass instead of on the rug in your classroom. Set up stations in different classrooms so the kids from each age group can move around throughout your time. Those who have more freedom to take the kids off-grounds can visit other area churches or Sunday schools for fun lessons.

Sunday Fun Day!

Incorporating fun activities and Bible games into your Sunday school lessons will keep kids excited about attending. Use your imagination, resources provided by your church, and websites to gather cool new ideas for presenting classic Bible lessons to kids of all ages.

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Free Sunday School Lessons for Children