Where to Find Free Kids' Superman Games

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Is your child an avid Superman lover, who is looking for free kids Superman games? Fortunately, there are plenty of free games online to delight any aspiring superhero. These superman games for kids offer a variety of fun options for comic book fans.

Finding Free Kids' Superman Games

The Internet has given rise to a lot of free activities for kids, including games featuring one of the most famous comic book superheroes of all time and his friends. While there are countless games to play online, this list provides a good starting point for free kids Superman games, so your child can get underway with his playtime and start saving the world.


In SuperMan, the Daily Planet, where Clark Kent works, has gotten news that meteors are going to hit the city of Metropolis! Clark Kent must transform into his superhero form, Superman, and smash the meteors before they hit the city. Every time he misses a missile and it hits the ground, the danger level increases. If the danger bar gets too high, the city is destroyed! Yet, be careful as you destroy the missiles-some are made of Kryptonite, and thus you cannot touch them. You must use your laser vision to defeat the missile and save the city!

Superman Returns Stop Press

Superman Returns Stop Press is another free online option. In this game, you play a photographer, and your objective is to capture a picture of Superman. Use your mouse, aim, and click for the picture. If you're able to take a close-up of Superman, you get extra points. Say cheese, Superman!

Superman Returns Save Metropolis

Want more action packed free superman games online? Try playing Superman Returns Save Metropolis. As Superman, you need to protect your city from falling building wreckage. Catching the wreckage is not the last of your duties, however. You then have to carry the wreckage upwards, and dispose of it in a safe place. If you don't move quickly enough, Superman falls under the weight of the building pieces! You can also smash the debris with your strength. However, watch out for Kryptonite as you work. Good luck saving Metropolis!

Superman: The Action Script Adventure

In Superman: The Action Script Adventure, Lex Luthor is attacking the city of Metropolis. You need to find the people that need your help and assist them. Be careful of Luthor's evil machines. By assisting the people, and destroying the machines, you can defeat Luthor before he destroys the city!

Superman Trivia

Think that you know your Superman facts pretty well? Why don't you test your knowledge with the Superman Trivia game. You might be stumped with such questions as the following: What is Clark Kent's adopted mother's name? What was the name of the car Superman rescues from a tree? Where are the missiles headed that Lex Luthor directs to the United States? You can pick amongst the quizzes that you take. You can choose the plain Superman quiz (called the Man of Steel game), or you might want to test your knowledge about some of the specific movies. Although most of the questions are multiple choices, some are fill in the blanks-so you can't just randomly guess!

Fun Superman Games for Kids

With so many different free kids Superman games to play, there is a fun choice for children of every age group. What better way to spend a day than saving the world and playing with a beloved superhero friend? Kids can play one of these games for free and have fun with their favorite comic book friend.

Where to Find Free Kids' Superman Games