Free IQ Test for Children

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A free IQ test for children can give you a glimpse into your child's abilities and help you decide what direction you should go as you plan your child's education.

IQ Facts

Initially, IQ tests, an abbreviation for intelligence quotient tests, was geared towards making a determination of whether or not a child qualified for special education services. While IQ testing may still play a role in the determination of a child's educational placement, it is often used on adults as well. In fact, there are numerous online resources that invite adults to "test" their intelligence as compared to other adults who attempt the same test. Standard deviation is typically used in IQ testing, as it gives an average and shows a comparison of scores as they relate to the average on a particular test.

IQ Tests and Children

Should you give your child an IQ test? Before you do, consider the following:

  • An IQ test can give you an idea of your child's aptitude for academic performance.
  • Most IQ tests are created to determine a child's inherent aptitude for learning rather than to measure how much or how little she has learned.
  • In some cases, an IQ score can offer you valuable insight into your child's academic abilities, and you can use this insight to make more informed decisions regarding his or her education.

While IQ tests can serve a specific purpose, there are some points that parents should consider before submitting a child for testing.

  • A child who receives a low IQ test score may suffer from feelings of inadequacy and failure, which could lead to subsequent problems in performance at school.
  • Do not label your child based on one test score. Instead, consider seeking further testing at a professional center.
  • Don't base your overall judgment of your child's academic ability on a test score. Keep in mind that some children simply do not test well, and consider other areas, such as your own observations, his teacher's observations, and other areas of academic performance, including reading, writing, and communication skills.
  • Keep in mind that IQ tests may not indicate your child's propensity for a specific subject area and may not give a true picture of his aptitude for a particular area either.

Finding a Free IQ Test for Children

Where can you find a free IQ test for children? There are a variety of testing sites online that offer free assessments. Keep in mind, however, that these sites may not give you an accurate overall picture of your child's academic ability. If you are serious about determining your child's IQ, talk to the guidance counselor at his or her school and ask where you can get him or her tested by a professional. However, if you just want to check out some online IQ tests, there are several available, including the following:

  • Fun Education - This free IQ test for children is appropriate for children old enough to read. The test primarily measures word analysis and spatial reasoning. Your child's score will be compared to a standard deviation of scores.
  • Tests Tests Tests - This site offers three tests for children divided by ages. One test is for children under the age of seven. One test is for ages seven to 10, and one test for ages 10 to 14.
  • TestKidsIQ - This site offers tests for ages five to nine and 10 to 16.
  • Learn Your IQ - If your child is at least nine years of age, he or she can take this free test.

Finally, keep in mind that there are a variety of factors that can affect your child's performance on an IQ test. If she is tired, cranky, hungry, or ill, she may not perform as well on a test as she would under other circumstances.

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Free IQ Test for Children