Free Handwriting Practice Worksheets

writing practice

Many children struggle with messy handwriting. Whether your kids do copywork or write stories or sentences from their spelling words, practicing handwriting a little bit every day will ensure legible results. If you need help downloading any of these worksheets, check out these helpful tips.



These winter handwriting worksheets contain images to feature popular winter activities. Have children practice writing the letter "S" for snowman or write a short story about having fun in the snow. You can encourage your child to incorporate each picture into the story somehow.


spring handwriting

Spring brings rain, flowers and holidays such as Easter. Use these worksheets to help children practice their handwriting while writing vocabulary words that relate to spring. Choose words to represent symbols from Easter, the names of baby animals or popular types of flowers.


summer worksheet

Summer is known for vacations, swimming, picnics and trips to the beach. Have your children use these summer handwriting worksheets to talk about typical activities at the beach or write some journal entries on what they did over summer vacation. Better yet, encourage him to collect a few mementos and write about those for his handwriting practice.


fall worksheet

Combine these fall handwriting worksheets with a trip to a pumpkin patch or another fun fall activity. Children can practice writing the letter "F" or fall or write about some of their favorite fall activities, such as corn mazes, jumping in piles of leaves or carving pumpkins for Halloween.



Use these plain handwriting worksheets for practicing individual letters or allowing children to write creative stories.

Be Creative and Praise Kids Often

Try to be creative on how to use these free handwriting worksheets. Be sure to praise your child for every small victory and improvement. Children thrive under encouragement. Since handwriting is particularly frustrating for an otherwise bright child who just struggles in this one area, your words of praise will go a long way toward making him want to work hard and improve his writing skills.

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Free Handwriting Practice Worksheets