Free Birthday Girl Coloring Page

Birthday girl coloring at table

Celebrate the birthday girl at any age with this adorable, sentimental coloring page. All you need are some crayons, markers, paints, or colored pencils and you can personalize the printable to fit your own preferences.

Printable Birthday Girl Coloring Page

Make the birthday girl the center of attention on her special day with this festive coloring page. Featuring a little girl with her birthday cake, the page works best for girls ages five and under, but could be used for older girls too. Click on the image then download and print as many copies as you'd like. If you run into trouble using the document, the Adobe Printable Guide can help.

Cartoon Girl With Birthday Cake
Click to print the birthday girl sheet.

Suggestions for School Use

Celebrating birthdays at school helps kids feel unique and special while teaching others to be selfless and join in on the joy of others. While you can use the same holiday documents for boys and girls, it can be more relatable to kids to see images that reflect their own look.

  • Give each girl in your class a copy to color at the beginning of the year. She can write her birthday on the page to display in the classroom so you remember everyone's birthday.
  • If you give prizes or presents to kids on their birthday, add the coloring page as a card with a special note attached from you.
  • Use the coloring page as a counting and direction-taking activity. Have kids count the number of candles then color each candle a specified color.

Ways to Use at Home

Coloring sheets are fun everyday activities, but themed holiday activities help make the celebration more exciting and unique.

  • Use nontraditional materials to color in the picture like bits of paper, adhesive-back foam mosaic pieces, sequins, glitter, or string.
  • Turn the page into a birthday party invitation by adding party details in the space around the girl character. Ask each guest to color their invitation and bring it to gain entrance to the party.
  • Cut out small pictures of the birthday girl's actual face and glue them onto the coloring sheet character's face. Have each family member color one poster and add a special message then hang them around the house for the birthday girl to find.
  • Use it as a birthday planning tool. Have your girl color and decorate the cake to match the flavors and decorations she wants at her party. She can also write her birthday gift wishes above the girl's head for a unique wish list.
  • If your birthday girl is older than five, draw more candles onto the cake with a black pen or marker to match her age.

Coloring Fun for Birthday Girls

The fun of coloring doesn't have to end with the birthday girl coloring sheet. Check out these other great coloring pages the special girl in your life is sure to love.

Celebrate the Girl Way

Celebrate your special little lady's birthday all day or all month with crafts and activities that show off who she is and her pride in being a girl. No matter your budget or plans, anything that makes a girl feel special on her birthday can make the occasion more exciting.

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Free Birthday Girl Coloring Page