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Fishing at Hidden Acres Camp

With so many different types of summer camps to choose from these days, from sports camps to standard camps, why should you choose a fishing camp? Not only will your child have fun and meet new friends who share an interest in fishing, but he will learn a life skill that will help him put food on the table should he need to do so at some point in his life.

Eight Great Fishing Camps

There are fishing camps all across the United States, so no matter where you live, you'll be able to find one that suits your needs. However, each camp has something a little different to offer, so after the first year or two you may want to consider going a bit outside your region to gain special expertise for your child.

Adirondack Camp, New York

Adirondack was started in 1904 by Dr. Elias G. Brown, who was an educator. It is an overnight, co-ed camp steeped with tradition and history. Although the camp isn't only fishing, the fishing specific weeks affords campers the opportunity to live a fisherman's lifestyle. Students learn:

  • Boating skills
  • Fishing techniques (campers fish for their suppers)
  • How to filet and debone fish
  • How to cook the fish they caught

If you're looking for a complete solution that will teach your child all the basic skills of fishing, this may just be it. The camp is located in Putnam Station, New York. A two-week session is $7,100.

Barry Conservation Fishing Camp, New Hampshire

Fishing at Barry Conservation Camp
Fishing at Barry Conservation Camp

Barry Conservation Camp in Berlin, New Hampshire offers a one week camp to teach kids, aged 10-16, how to fish. The camp is put on by UNH Cooperative Extension 4-H and New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and is held at the Berlin Fish Factory in the White Mountain National Forest. The Barry camp offers several advantages:

  • It's small, so campers will be in a tight-knit group of 38 campers and 11 staff members, and only 6 other campers in a cabin.
  • It's affordable: the cost for the week is $485.
  • In addition to fishing, campers learn about conservation.
  • It's associated with 4-H, so it's possible the camper can continue with the organization if he finds he loves it.

The camp is ideal for the child who wants a one week experience focused on fishing, but isn't ready (or doesn't want) to spend an entire summer fishing.

Hidden Acres Fishing Camp, Iowa

Hidden Acres is a Christian summer camp in Dayton, Iowa that offers a one-week camp for fourth through eighth grade boys. In addition to over 600 acres, the camp features 75 buildings, 850 beds, three ponds, and modern amenities like an indoor swimming pool and gymnasium. The fishing camp is only $325. Check the online schedule for the different "fishing" sessions. At fishing camp, the boys will get to:

  • Learn the basics of fishing
  • Travel to different areas to learn different tactics for catching fish
  • Learn about different types of fish species
  • Enjoy a fish fry at the end of the week

The camp is ideal for the Christian family who wants their son to learn and enjoy a new hobby.

Fishing for Life Gem Fishing Camp, Minnesota

Fishing for Life GEM Fishing Camp
Fishing for Life GEM Fishing Camp

Fishing for Life Gem camp is located in northern Minnesota in one of three locations. Founded in 2004, Fishing for Life is a Christian organization that teaches kids how to fish and about the outdoors. They also have a special program for families of injured or slain soldiers. Features of the GEM Fishing Camps include:

  • Daily Bible study
  • 8-10 hours of fishing per day
  • Fun and activities
  • Outdoor activities and skills

International Game Fish Association, Florida

IGFA Fishing Camp
IGFA Fishing Camp

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) fishing summer camp is held at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach, Florida. The camp is highly regarded for its educational benefits and has a lot to offer campers:

  • The average ration of adult to camper is 1:8 and never more than 1:10.
  • Campers start each day at the museum, where they learn about topics such as "fishing techniques, conservation, marine biology, tying flies and jigs."
  • Campers get a chance to participate in simulated fishing tournaments.
  • Activities include going out on a drift boat, pier and shore fishing, and even "encounters with alligators."

This is a day camp and not an overnight camp, so if you do not live in the area, you will need to make hotel reservations and visit the area with your child or make other arrangements. The cost of the camp is $325/week.

Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp

Kids at Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp
Kids at Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp

Florida Fantasy is located in Tampa Bay and is unique because it offers kids an opportunity to learn to fish from the professional fishing captains from the area. It is a week-long day camp where you can choose inshore fishing or offshore fishing. In addition to actual fishing expeditions, kids will learn:

  • How to tie a rope knot
  • Go through casting clinics
  • Get training in boat safety
  • Take part in tournaments

The camps start at $650 for the week, and run a bit more for late registration (after April 1st) or advanced camps.

Cheley Fishing Camp, Colorado

Lakeside fun at Cheley Colorado Camps
Lakeside fun at Cheley Colorado Camps

Cheley is located in Estes Park Valley in Colorado. The camp has been around since 1921 and is a four-week summer camp. The camp actually stretches across three different sites to accommodate different areas of interest and activities, including rock climbing and other outdoor events. Features of the camping week include:

  • The camp is environmentally friendly and follows 'catch-and-release' protocol, allowing campers two trout per fishing outing. Any caught over that amount are released back.
  • The camp teaches kids how to how to bait, real in and net the fish
  • Kids will learn how to prepare the fish for cooking.

Cheley is accredited through the American Camp Association (ACA), which means the staff and camp must meet high professional standards. The camp offers two sessions per summer. The cost of one session is $5,500 or the full season (both sessions) runs $11,000.

Outdoor Texas

Outdoor Texas Camp is located in Bandera, Texas, and is an overnight camp for boys aged 9 to 16, and fishing and fly fishing are combined. It is a small camp, with space for about 28 campers. Some of the skills taught during the week of camp include:

  • Spin casting
  • Bait and lures
  • Techniques for fishing
  • Fly casting and tying

Campers learn to fish with professional fishing captains and will also get a chance to try kayak fishing. The cost of this camp is $1,125.

Teach a Child to Fish

Teaching your child to fish is a skill that can help him throughout his life. If you want your child to pickup new fishing skills but don't want to send your child away or spend so much on a camp this summer, look into local programs and clinics that might be offered by sporting goods stores. For example, Bass Pro Shops offers Family Summer Camp and has casting challenges from May through July in different areas around the country. To find out what's available in your area, watch the local newspaper and contact any sports retailers for additional information. If all else fails, enlist the best angler you know to teach your child a few fishing techniques this summer.

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