Father's Day Poems from Children

Susie McGee
Fathers Day Poems from Child

Few things are sweeter than receiving a heartfelt poem from a child. Help your son or daughter create a gift that will bring a smile to Dad's face on Father's Day.

Examples of Poems for Dad's Special Day

Father's Day poems can be written any way your child chooses. Rhymes are always fun, but they aren't necessary, and you don't have to use a particular form. All your child's poem has to do is tell dad how he or she feels about him. A few examples can provide some inspiration.

Happy Father's Day to My Hero

Dad you are my hero,
Because of all you do.
And on this Father's Day,
I want to say
I'm proud of you!

I love you so much Dad,
And I want to be sure you know,
That every day in everyway,
I'll love you more as I grow.

To Dad on Father's Day

Take my little hand in yours
And we'll walk along the shores.
Bring me along with you so I can
take part in everything you do,

I will always be your child, but I'll
Only be young for a short while.
And I don't want to miss any time
With you, precious dad of mine.

To My Dad

daughter with father

To my Dad who:

Chases monsters from my closet,
Reaches stuff that's way up high,
Carries me on his shoulders and
Lets me try to reach the sky,
Keeps me safe no matter what,
And watches over me when I sleep,
Puts bandages on my cuts,
And lets me make the car horn beep.

I love you, Dad, in every possible way.
Have a Happy Father's Day!

Poems contributed by Kelly Roper

Help Your Child Write a Father's Day Poem

Depending on your child's age, your son or daughter may need some help to create a poem for dad on his special day. You can provide assistance and creative inspiration by spending some time talking to your son or daughter.

  • Ask your child to tell you about some favorite memories that he has about dad, such as the time they went fishing together or the time they shared a tea party.
  • Ask your child which words come to mind when thinking about dad. Write down those words if your child isn't old enough to do it for herself.
  • Now, use these words and memories to create a poem. Your child will probably need your help to organize his thoughts.

Creating Father's Day Gifts Using Poems

Once you've written the poem, you'll need to decide how you want to present it. The following craft ideas offer a few ways your child can turn a simple poem into an inspiring gift, and most of these projects are very easy to create.

  • If your child can write, have him write down the poem on construction paper and decorate it with pictures he's drawn or even photos of him and his dad. Then laminate the entire project.
  • Purchase a ceramic flower pot and use a permanent marker to write the poem on the pot. Place pens, a letter opener, and other office supplies inside the pot for dad to keep on his desk.
  • Purchase a plain cardboard letter box. Decorate it with photos of your child, dad, and other family members. You or your child can write the poem on a piece of construction paper, laminate it, and glue it on the center of the lid.
  • Cut a large poster board in half. Using finger paints, let your child decorate the poster with her handprints and/or footprints. Glue a laminated copy of the poem that she has written to her father in the center of the board. You might even choose to have this gift framed.

More Poetry Sources

If you can't talk your son or daughter into creating an original poem, there are numerous poems online that might be suitable.

  • Father's Day Celebration also offers poems to use in a card. There are a few that are especially appropriate for children to use, including F.A.T.H.E.R.S. and Daddy, I Love You.
  • Poem Source has some very nice free poems children can include with their Father's Day gifts. Top selections include I'm Happy You're My Dad and My Daddy Is the Greatest.

Show Dad the Love

Father's day is the time to really make sure dads everywhere know how much they are appreciated. It doesn't matter whether your child writes an original poem or uses a free one. As long as Dad feels the love on his special day, the poem will be a hit.

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Father's Day Poems from Children