Easter Poems for Kids

Girl with Easter rabbit

A little Easter poetry goes well with a child's candy basket. Tuck a poem into a plastic egg with a few jelly beans or include it in a card and watch your child's face light up.

Children's Easter Poems

Easter is a religious holiday, but there are secular traditions that go along with it. These poems reflect both aspects of this special day.

Going to Church on Easter Morn

Up with the sunrise,
Excitement is in the air,
Easter morning
Is finally here.

Brand new clothes
and a freshly washed face,
Going to church to give thanks
For God's grace.

Coloring an Easter Egg

Eggs in coloring

First you take a nice white egg
And put it in a wire holder.
Then dip it in the cup of dye
And soak it until the color is bolder.

Then lay it on a paper towel
And let it dry awhile.
And then you have an Easter egg
So pretty it will make you smile.

You can also use a crayon
to draw on fancy designs,
Like polka dots and lot of stripes
Or even zig zag lines.

Then dip the egg into the dye
And let the color sink in.
It'll look so neat when you lift it out,
It will surely make you grin.

Jesus Rose on Easter Day

Jesus rose on Easter day,
The stone by his tomb was rolled away.
He conquered death upon that day,
And He lives again to show us the way.

To My Chocolate Easter Bunny

Girl With Chocolate Easter Bunny

Mom said not to eat you all at once
Or I would be quite sick.
But I can't resist your chocolatey ears,
So I'll eat them really quick.

Those ears were so delicious,
Maybe I'll have just one more bite.
And then I'll save the rest of you
For later on tonight.

Guess I got a little carried away,
I've eaten you down to your tummy.
It's not my fault I can't resist
Because you are so yummy.

It seems a shame to put what's left
Back in that festive box.
I'll just finish you - wait, what's that I feel?
My belly's having aftershocks!

I should have listened to my mom.
She warned me what would happen.
If I had listened to her my stomach
Wouldn't be growling and snapping.

Why an Easter Bunny?

You may think that this sounds funny,
But why do we get eggs from the Easter bunny?
Shouldn't there be an Easter Chicken
With her scrawny legs a-kickin'
As she rushes around in a whirl
Leaving eggs for each boy and girl?

More Kids' Easter Poems

There's no shortage of Easter poems written for a young audience. If the poems above aren't quite what you're looking for, perhaps a poem from one of the following websites will appeal to you.

  • Apples 4 the Teacher has several Christian Easter poems for kids. One merges Jesus' rising with other images of spring, while another takes a more general tone and speaks about the Easter Rabbit and the Golden Egg of Peace.
  • Mother Goose Caboose offers a cute little poem about Easters eggs as well as some coloring and activity pages you can print for your child.
  • The American Bible Society includes two Easter poems on its website about the original meaning of this holiday. One thanks Jesus for his sacrifice while the other is about his rising again after death.
  • Fundoo Times also has several poems kids will enjoy. There's one about saving the chocolate bunny for last and another one about five little chicks that would make a nice addition to a child's easter card.
  • DLTK has one short poem which recounts Jesus' rising from the tomb in a simple way children can easily understand.

Ways to Use Easter Poetry

Reading Easter poems together can be a fun holiday tradition, but there are other ways to incorporate a little poetry into your celebration.

  • Happy Easter greeting
    Give Easter greeting cards - Include a poem in a personalized card for your child or encourage her to make cards for family and friends.
  • Create an Easter scrapbook - Include poems in a scrapbook filled with Easter memories, including photographs, poetry and artwork.
  • Make an Easter picture frame - Place the poetry on construction paper or card stock and frame the poem in a picture frame. For even more creative style, let your child make his own picture frame with popsicle sticks and decorate the frame with buttons, rhinestones, shells, etc.
  • Create artistic Easter gifts - For a unique gift idea, attach the poem to a piece of pottery, a plate or a mug and decoupage the art piece.
  • Make Easter place mats - Place copies of a poem on pieces of heavy card stock and laminate them to create holiday place mats.

Make Poetry Part of Your Easter

Whether you use a poem written by someone else or you write one of your own, a little poetry can add extra meaning to your child's Easter celebration. Give it a try this year, and you just might wind up starting a new family tradition.

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Easter Poems for Kids