6 Fun Easter Games for Kids to Play

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Have a list ready of Easter games for kids to keep them occupied while they wait for the egg hunt to begin or for Easter dinner to be served.

Games for Kids of All Ages

As you gather a list of games together, be sure to choose Easter and spring games that are appropriate for kids of all ages, including the adults. Young children need to be supervised when playing games with older kids, as the older children may be more competitive. Pair children up or divide them into age groups before sending them to play games to help eliminate any problems.

A number of the games can be taken indoors in case of rain. Be sure to have a few back-up board games or Easter egg toys for kids to play with if they end up indoors.

Easter Games for Kids

Games will not only keep kids entertained but out of trouble, too. Have a list of games ready to go if your Easter plans include lots of children.


Instead of doing the Hokey-Pokey dance, kids will delight in trying to do the Bunny-Pokey. Add in silly elements, such as "put your fluffy tail in" and "put your long ears in" to customize it for the holiday.

Bunny Tag

Tag is a great game for wide-open yards. Children can be paired up or in teams. Declare someone the "Head Easter Bunny," and tell them the person she/he tags will become a "Basket Bunny" who needs to recruit other bunnies to help distribute baskets. This game provides a great segway into hunting for Easter baskets once all the children have been tagged.

Bunny Hop

Although it is a traditional wedding dance song, the Bunny Hop is perfect for Easter. Pop a CD into a player and line the kids up. This game is great for indoor or outdoor fun.

Egg and Spoon Races

Nothing beats a good competition, especially one where adults can get in on the fun. A classic egg and spoon race is the perfect way to get everyone involved. Divide everyone into teams of approximately 10 people. Split each team into groups of five, lined up facing each other about 20 feet apart.

Each leader should get a spoon with a hardboiled egg. When the cue to begin racing is given, the person with the egg should run with it to the person on their team standing across from them. If he/she drops the egg, he must start over. Once he reaches the other side, he must hand the egg over to the next person, who races back to the other side. The first team to have everyone complete the egg run wins.

Egg Toss

Egg toss games can be as messy as the Easter party warrants. Eggs used can be hardboiled (less mess) or not (very messy!). Pair up people and have them stand about a foot away from each other. With every successful toss of the egg, the pair must take a step back before throwing it again. If the egg is dropped or breaks, the pair is out. The last pair left is the winner.Keep plenty of towels on hand for quick clean-up if eggs are not hardboiled! Another quick clean-up option is to hand out oversized junk shirts to kids to slip on over their clothing.

Easter Bunny Says

Similar to "Simon Says," Easter Bunny Says is a great game for kids to play indoors or outdoors. Incorporate plenty of Easter related items, such as "Easter Bunny says hop on one foot" or "Easter Bunny says wiggle your nose." Be sure children understand indoor rules if playing in the house.

Easter Game Tips

The Easter games for kids mentioned above are great springtime activities. Just knowing how to play is only the start. You need to have plenty of supplies on hand, as well as a few other adults or responsible teenagers recruited to help supervise children. Other tips for playing Easter games include:

  • Explain the rules thoroughly, and demonstrate anything that is unclear.
  • Tell children you expect good sportsmanship out of them.
  • Hand out prizes to the winners if you wish, but be sure to have a small gift for everyone after the games have been completed.

Other ways to keep kids busy at an Easter party is to have plenty of kids' crafts and art projects available to do when they get worn out from playing games.

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