Downloadable Games for Special Needs Children

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Downloadable games for special needs children can open your child's world in a positive way. Let your child tap into her own special abilities and talents by seeking out educational software and games that your child will love.

Special Needs Children

Special needs is a broad term that can encompasses those children who have physical and/or mental disabilities, along with learning disabilities. These children may need help in a variety of areas depending upon their disabilities and range of needs. They may have difficulty in thinking processes, understanding, physical difficulties, emotional and behavioral problems, and speech and language problems. Many of these children receive special education benefits, which can help them overcome some of their difficulties. While some children only need minimum modifications during their school day, others need full time assistance all day. Special needs typically address at least some or all of the following:

  • Academic assistance
  • Help with language/verbal skills
  • Help relating to others, including teachers and peers
  • behavior management
  • Organizational skills
  • Sensory needs
  • Physical assistance

Game Criteria

Downloadable games for special needs children should focus on the child's particular needs. Games should be user friendly for the child as well. Look for games that feature the following:

  • Easy to read instructions
  • Clear goals and objectives
  • Immediate feedback for the child and for the parent
  • Skill levels clearly labeled
  • Specific descriptions of games
  • Tips for parents and teachers on how to use the games
  • Contact information so parents and teachers can contact the company with questions and concerns regarding the software.

Introducing Your Child to Downloadable Games

You know your child's abilities better than anyone, so consider the following when introducing your child to downloadable games for special needs children.

  • Don't download games that are too difficult for your child to play. This will only raise her frustration level, and she may refuse to try any other game after failing at the one you've chosen.
  • Help your child with the game the first few times he tries to play. If he doesn't want your assistance, continue to stay nearby and watch for signs of frustration.
  • Praise your child for trying, even if she isn't able to win in the beginning.
  • Work with your child on the special skills that he needs extra help in.
  • If you've found a game that you and your child really enjoy, look for other games by the same manufacturer or website.
  • If you're experiencing problems with the game your child is playing, contact the site administrator for help.

Downloadable Games for Special Needs Children

Where can you find downloadable games for special needs children? We've listed several sites for you to check out. You might also ask your child's teacher for site suggestions.

Talk to other parents of special needs children, and share your ideas with each other. *Continue to search as new sites and games are constantly added to the Internet.

Finally, if you've found some great game sites that you'd like to share with our readers, we'd love to hear from you. Simply add the site name or url in the comments section of this page. Now, check out the following sites, and have fun playing these games with your kids!

  • Do to Learn-Check out the various links for activities, songs and games, organizational tips, picture cards, products, and more.
  • LAT- "LAT Kids offers for download all of the software and resources it develops, free of charge, and in Mississippi currently offers one-on-one consulting with children, parents, teachers and therapists, also free of charge."
  • Learn 4 Good-This site has sections for math, language, science, art, books, games, and more.
  • Education World-This is a great resource for parents and teachers and for children with all types of disabilities.
  • Jambav-This site features free, online games for children of all abilities.
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Downloadable Games for Special Needs Children