Types of Dora the Explorer Games

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If your kids are in love with Dora the Explorer, then let them play Dora the Explorer games. Dora games are just as fun and educational as the popular Nick Jr. television show, but they are even more interactive. It is mind-boggling just how many Dora the Explorer activities are available. Whether your children enjoy online games, board games, dress up games, computer games, or card games, you will have several choices.

Dora the Explorer Games Online

Nick Jr. offers many Dora the Explorer games and activities at their website. Some activities are:

  • Coloring Pages
  • Songs
  • Arcade Games
  • Counting Games
  • Bilingual Games

Be forewarned that many of the games on this site require a purchase or membership after the initial free trial. The site also features many colorful ads that appeal to children. Still, there are some nice free activities. Besides, you might find that a site membership is cost-effective for your family.

Electronic Dora the Explorer Games

Electronic Dora the Explorer games usually feature Dora speaking in both English and Spanish. They also help children with basic skills, such as matching, counting, simple math, and problem solving. Some electronic Dora the Explorer games available online are:

Dora Video Games

These days, even preschoolers enjoy playing console and computer games. Luckily, many computer games for kids are educational. These Dora the Explorer video and computer games are available:

Dora Dress Up Games

Children of all ages love dress up games. Dress up games give kids the chance to role play different personas. Preschoolers enjoy pretending to be their favorite television and movie characters. Dora the Explorer dress up games are available at party supply stores, department stores, toy stores, and some grocery stores. The Dora the Explorer Fairytale Adventure Costume is available online.

Dora the Explorer Board Games

Kids learn many skills by playing board games. For example, kids develop turn-taking, patience, and cooperation by playing games with other children. Board games can also teach valuable skills in following directions. Additionally, depending on the topic of the game, board games can help develop memory, observation skills, and academics. Board games featuring well-loved characters hold children's attention even better than generic games. Several games feature Dora the Explorer, including:


It is always important to pay attention to the recommended age range of toys and board games. Even if your baby or toddler loves Dora the Explorer, resist the urge to give her a game intended for older kids. Many board games feature small pieces that can pose a choking hazard to infants, toddlers, and young children.

Children should always be supervised when they are playing on the internet.

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Types of Dora the Explorer Games