Dog Games for Kids

A girl hugging her dog.

If your child loves dogs, she will enjoy dog games for kids. From Blue and Martha Speaks to Scooby Doo and Clifford the Big Red Dog, there are many games available in stores and on the computer in your child's favorite subject. Discover popular dog games and where to find them.

The Appeal of Dog Games

Dogs are one of the most popular themes for kids' games. It is easy to understand because dogs are among the cutest and cuddliest animals around, and many of the game choices are also pretty fun. Whether your child plays a dog game because the dog reminds her of her own canine companion, or she simply loves anything dog-related, there are games that can capture her imagination as well as teach her new ideas.

Popular Dog Games for Kids

Here is a guide to some of the popular dog games for kids so that you can make an informed choice when selecting games for your child.

Free Online Computer Games

The Internet provides a number of free online dog games including the following:

Computer Games and Software

Find a number of dog theme computer games and software like the following:

DVD Games

Some of the DVD games that combine the feel of a movie with a board game come in dog themes such as the following:

Board Games

Dog board games are a great way to bring the family together. Here are some recommended dog board games:

  • Dog-Opoly: Monopoly created a dog lovers edition that can be enjoyed by anyone age 8 and up.
  • Scooby Doo Get That Dog Make a Match Board Game: This make-a-match board game, similar to the classic Memory game, helps young Scooby fans improve memory skills and match pairs.
  • Soggy Doggy - Players race around the board giving the dog a bath. If you get soaked, you go back to start. The game is designed for ages 4 and up.

Card Games

Card games offer many fun ways for kids to play multiplayer games with family and friends. The following card game are fun dog themes:

  • Hang Four Card Game, Ruff Surfin: Kids join dog surfers Riptail, Kelly Slobber and Jeff Spicollie to build complete surf boards and keep gulls and waves from upsetting the surfers.
  • Dog Dice: Kids can discover bingo in a dog theme with Dog Dice.

FooPets: Dog Virtual Pet Game

One of the cutest and most interactive dog games is a paying membership site, FooPets. Fortunately, FooPets, has a free pet adoption option that gives kid's access to many features.

FooPets is a virtual pet game that was developed by a veterinarian to teach kids about caring for dogs. It is an adorable pet game with quality graphics that include detailed dog images with realistic expressions and movements. Kids can adopt a virtual FooPet dog for free and will get four servings of food, an endless supply of water, two toys and access to an area to care for and play with the pet, including grooming.

In order to keep the pet, kids must feed and play with them daily. The pet will respond to the quality of care provided in a realistic manner. The token four servings of food supplied for free will keep replenishing in sets of four when kids care for the dog properly.

In order to get access to larger quantities of food, more toys, activities and the ability to adopt additional pets or breed them, kids must join the ClubFoo, which requires a paying membership. Some items, such as food, can also be purchased without membership. All items in the Foo virtual world are purchased with FooDollars, which are purchased through the FooBank. Parents must approve all memberships and transactions.

Explore these fun options when you are searching for dog games for kids.

Dog Games for Kids