Types of Disney Games to Play

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Playing Disney kids games gives your children a way to interact with some familiar characters while also having fun and learning.

Disney Kids Games

Both kids and parents associate the Disney brand with great theme parks, family films, imaginative characters, and of course, loads of entertainment. With Disney games available in a variety of genres, children and families can spend more time with Disney characters while learning together and enjoying themselves.

Video Games

Some Disney games can be purchased to play with video game software, including games for Nintendo and Wii. These choices can be purchased online and shipped to your home. Some popular choices include the following:

Board and DVD Games

Get the entire family involved with these Disney games that parents and kids can play together. Purchase them as gifts or buy them to simply stock your game closet. Then, enjoy a family game night once a week!

  • Scene It? is a family trivia DVD game with questions that are simple enough for young children to answer
  • Disney Pictionary DVD Game takes the classic game Pictionary to new levels with technology
  • Disney DVD Bingo keeps bingo interactive and fun while using color and letter combinations that young kids will understand
  • Disney Magic Kingdom is a classic board game that takes you through the magic of Disneyland

Online Disney Kids Games

Many online games give your children the opportunity to play interactive and simple video games via the Internet. These games use favorite Disney characters and themes to set themselves apart and can be played within a few minutes. Make sure to preview these games with your children to make sure they are easy enough to play and worth the effort.

Mickey Mouse Games

Mickey Mouse is probably the most well-known of all the Disney characters. He was created as an animated cartoon in 1928 for the cartoon called Steamboat Willey. These days Mickey can be found just about everywhere, including in online games. Here are some fun and easy Mickey Mouse games, some of which also include Mickey's best friends.

Princess Games

Disney has created some of the most memorable heroines, including classics like Cinderella and Snow White as well as more modern princesses like Tiana from the movie the "The Princess and the Frog." Here are some links to Disney princess games:

Disney TV games

The Disney channel has been a quality choice for families for years, and now you can play online games based on the popular TV shows.

  • Boys games has an array of games based on TV shows that both boys and girls watch, including the Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  • Disney Channel Game Finder has online games from all TV shows on the Disney channel

Online Disney Games Galleries

Other online games featuring Disney characters have popped up online, including some of the following:

Play Games Together

No matter what Disney games you decide to play, make sure that children are supervised, especially when playing online games for the first time. Sit together and explore the games until you find ones that delight your kids. Also, make game playing a family endeavor that you can do together with your kids. Keep checking our site for more website suggestions as well!

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Types of Disney Games to Play