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If the typical fashion icon isn't quite your cup of tea, or your little girl is unique and you think her dolls should be too, then you might want to look into information on how to create your own Barbie.

Friends of Barbie

Mattel, who manufactures and distributes Barbie, used to offer a new take on the blonde, perfectly proportioned fashion doll back in the late '90s. This ingenious offering was called Friends of Barbie and allowed customers to order their own unique fashion doll based upon the original of course. Users could choose:

  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Skin color
  • Hair style
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Personality

Although personality was given as an option and all of these details were included in a certificate, any Barbie lover knows that the real personality behind the dolls comes from the little girls who create their stories and bring them to life through their wonderful imaginations. Unfortunately, the ability to create your own Barbie is not currently being offered, but many of these dolls are still available. However, Mattel now offers the ability to create a virtual Barbie for free.

Simply go to the Barbie site, create a new fashion makeover look for Barbie and then choose to print or send the look on a mock magazine cover, if you like the look, or start over again.

Also, if you're looking for a unique Barbie as a gift, you may want to try the new nostalgic collection that features Barbie dolls recreated using memorable moments from years past. You can see this collection on the website.

Create Your Own Barbie with Non-Mattel Parts

Those who love fashion dolls, but want a brunette, red-head, Asian or other Barbie, can take heart. There are many craft stores from which fans can purchase doll parts and piece together their own fashion doll with the look they want.

Doll Universe is probably one of the larger and better known doll parts retailers online. You'll find French fashion dolls, doll parts and everything from accessories to hair.

You may also want to search sites such as Ebay for doll parts or altered Barbie dolls.

Redesign Your Current Barbie

Want a Zombie Barbie look for a Halloween bash or is your daughter tired of every Barbie she owns having the same hair cut? You may want to try to redesign some of the Barbie dolls you currently own and create your own unique Barbie with a look unlike any other. There are several elements you can use to create a unique look:

  • Read up on how to repair dolls and replace your Barbie's hair. If you want to cut and style that hair, you may want to purchase human hair with which to work. A word of caution here. You may want to use a spare doll head to do this work as it can be a tricky technique to learn. However, it is well worth the time investment to create a truly unique doll.
  • Change Barbie's look with unique fashion clothes. After all, Barbie is a fashion maven. What better way to set her apart from other dolls than with some unique clothes designed by you? There are many patterns available; many of which can be found at local craft and sewing stores. By changing the fabric and adding embellishments, you can create a new fashion forward clothing line to go with any fashion doll.
  • Add little touches like pierced Barbie ears. You can use tiny pins inserted into soft plastic earlobes for pierced Barbie ears. Just be sure to cut them down and never use tiny parts for dolls that small children might be around. These are a definite choking hazard. An alternative to this would be to glue on very small beads. You can add streaks to Barbie's hair with permanent marker. Use washable marker if you'd like to wash the Barbie's hair and remove the streaks at some later point, but this color can bleed onto other objects if the doll's hair gets wet, so caution your child about this fact.

A Final Fashion Forward Thought

Although Barbie may seem old and tired, there are actually many new versions of this doll released every year. You can find almost any hair style, hair color and different ethnicities within the Barbie line. Toy stores offer many of these options, although some are collector's editions and are perhaps too costly to use as a mere toy, many are quite affordable. Choose or create the Barbie you think the little girl in your life will love, but remember that the child is the one who really creates the core of what Barbie represents.

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Create Your Own Barbie