Essential Cooking Utensils for Kid Chefs

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Cooking utensils for kids are affordable and easy to find. Whether they are for imaginative play time or for an enrolled cooking class for kids, a specified set of utensils will make children's kitchen chores both easier and more enjoyable.

The Basics

Before kids can begin their venture into the creative world of cooking, they'll need functional and age appropriate supplies. A well stocked child's kitchen will have all the cooking and culinary basics. If your child is new to the skill of cooking, you'll need to outfit their kitchen supplies with the following cooking utensils for kids:

  • Plastic measuring spoons
  • 2 wooden handled rubber spatulas
  • Plastic spatula
  • 2 wooden spoons
  • Metal whisk
  • Mini wooden rolling pin
  • Child size chef hat
  • Hot pads
  • Cookie cutters
  • Child size apron
  • Set of stainless steel mixing bowls

Practice Makes Perfect

Once children have their utensils stocked, they should be encouraged to prepare simple snacks and easy baking recipes with adult supervision. Some examples of beginner food prep with their new utensils may include:

  • Practice cracking eggs in stainless bowls and whisk them with their wire whisks.
  • Stir brownie batter in a stainless bowl with plastic or rubber spatula
  • Roll out sugar cookies with mini-rolling pins and create designs with cookie cutters
  • Measure oil, water and salt in the measuring spoons and let children explore volume and density.

Encourage Imagination

In addition to practicing their real life culinary skills, children can also use their new utensils for endless hours of pretend play. Why not encourage children to play house and kitchen further by purchasing a play cook stove and refrigerator? Because children need constant supervision while cooking on real appliances, a play kitchen will help satisfy their curiosities when the family kitchen is officially closed.There are many types of play kitchens available for purchase. For added durability and heirloom quality, consider purchasing a wooden cook stove, such as this model from Nova Naturals.

Where to Buy Cooking Utensils for Kids

Cooking utensils can be purchased at many big box retailers such as Target or Wal-Mart and on the Internet. There's no need to purchase the most expensive quality on the market. A simple set of kitchen basics will take kids through years of creativity.

The following retailers carry a variety of utensils specifically sized for small hands:

A Recipe for Memories

To enhance children's ongoing quest for learning, encourage them to create their own recipes. A jar of jam can easily become an ice cream topping or a mix-in for cottage cheese. Children love to create recipes, and not only will they explore different textures and tastes, caregivers will share in their joy of new discoveries. Once their interests have peaked into an intermediate level, consider a cooking course such as the Young Chef's Academy to continue their passion for food preparation.

Not only is food exploration the perfect way to encourage healthful and nutritional eating habits,cooking with kids is a great way for parents and caregivers to bond with children while stimulating their kitchen creativity. Cooking up childhood memories is simple with a few trusty utensils and quality kitchen time.

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Essential Cooking Utensils for Kid Chefs