Computer Learning Software for Kids

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There is a lot of computer learning software for kids available. Arguably, learning how to use technology is one of the most crucial skills you can teach your children. So, how do you figure out what is the best?

Ask the Experts

The first stop when looking for information on computer learning software for kids of any age is the Internet. While you could just try a Google search, you probably would do better to focus a search through people who make it their business to review exactly these kinds of products.

Children's Tech

Children's Tech is just such a website. Modeled after the same kind of computing magazine many parents look at, it reviews the software that is designed to teach kids about computers. The real benefit of this particular website is the in-depth reviews it gives of various kinds of software based on level of education - from pre-kindergarten through middle school. While the reviews do cost money, the fact that the site is not supported through advertising lends credence to their opinions.

Edutaining Kids

Edutaining Kids is another review website, and while you do get all the content for free, it is supported through advertising. The site does, however, break software reviews down into different levels based on learning. Once you click through several ad-cluttered pages, you do end up getting to lists of particular titles of children's computer learning software. The reviews are short and succinct and include valuable information such as the potential for the software to hold a child's attention, or whether or not the kids will likely need parental help in navigating the program. Spending some time on this site can definitely give parents some good ideas about how to best focus their computer-game budget.


If you are looking for the best software for a particular subject area, check out a general site such as Superkids, which shows several different subject-based software tools. Superkids has a very thorough way of reviewing the software. Not only do their reviews include an overview of ease of installation, style of play and educational value, but they will also tell you what kind of machine the software was reviewed on. This gives you a frame of reference as to how it will perform on your machine.

Subject-Specific Computer Learning Software for Kids

While just about every kind of subject can be taught using computer learning software for kids, you also have the option of getting software such as StudyX to create your own computer (or printable) flash cards, multiple-choice tests, and more.

Other elementary subject programs such as DreamBox K2 Math are specifically designed to adapt to the needs of both the kids and the adults - children can choose their own particular character to work their way through the math problems, and progress reports can be automatically emailed to the teacher or parent letting them know their child's progress.

While computers can help kids learn, it doesn't replace the human touch. Whether coming from a teacher or a parent, the reinforcement of a supportive adult can make using these programs even more fun no matter what the age.

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Computer Learning Software for Kids