Color by Numbers Printables for Kids

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Using color by numbers printables for kids is an easy and fun way to teach kids more about their numbers and their colors. In the process, children become budding artists as well!

Learning with Color by Numbers

Kids of all ages can learn with color by numbers projects.

Preschool and Elementary

Many children begin practicing their colors and numbers in preschool. Color by numbers printables for kids provide some wonderful lessons in both of these areas. If you are teaching your preschooler these concepts, start out with a simple color by numbers activity that uses only two or three colors and numbers. As your child learns those colors and numbers, give him more complex activity sheets, adding more colors and numbers each time. Eventually, he'll not only know recognize many of his numbers, but he'll also know his colors.

Older Kids

Think color by numbers printables are just for kids? Obviously, older children don't need to do color by numbers activities to learn their numbers and colors, but they can learn more about art. Complex color by numbers worksheets will help your child learn how to paint or color well enough to create a beautiful picture. This, in turn, may encourage your child to pursue art in many different areas, as she branches out into creating paintings on her own.

Fun Color by Numbers Printables for Kids

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Where can you find color by numbers printables for kids? The Internet holds a wealth of resources, and many of these are free.

All Kids Network: This site offers several color by numbers printable sheets that you can print for free. Most are suitable for preschool and elementary aged children, with common themes like Winnie-the-Pooh, My Little Pony, Bob the Builder, and Garfield.

Hello Kids: This site's printables are primarily suited for preschool and early elementary aged children. Choose from categories like animals, toys, nature, characters, and a few calculation by numbers.

Enchanted Learning: As usual, Enchanted Learning has a great selection of activities for young children to enjoy. The color by numbers worksheets listed here are mostly suited for kindergarten through third grade, and categories include flowers, birds, and even dinosaur math color by numbers pictures.

Family Fun: You can find a variety of color by numbers printable pages at Family Fun as well as lots of other activities your kids might enjoy.

Color by Numbers Website: Choose from a variety of categories on this site with topics like bats, bears, butterflies, dinosaurs, fish, frogs, penguins, sharks, snakes, spiders, and more. You'll need to click on the thumbnail image to enlarge the picture. Then, either click the link for the "no ad" version or click the print link at the top half of the page if you have JavaScript enabled to print the picture without any ads.

School Family: On this site, you'll find color by number sheets for seasons, holidays, favorite characters, and even foreign languages. You can even find worksheets for special days like Cinco de Mayo, May Day, Father's Day and Mother's Day, on this website.

Color by number worksheets are fun for kids of all ages. Encourage your child's creativity and help him or her brush up on math skills with some of the many printables available online.

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Color by Numbers Printables for Kids