Choosing a Toy Box

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Storing toys can be challenging, especially when there is more than one child living in the home. The toy box needs to help create a space conducive to play while making it easy to tuck those toys away when playtime is over. Whether you want a subtle piece of furniture for the living room or a toy box that looks like a toy itself, several buying options exist.

Toy Box Brands

Many companies that cater to kids offer storage solutions for children's toys. Traditional wooden toy boxes with a hinged lid are still popular designs. You can purchase them in a variety of finishes to match kids' bedroom furniture styles or the living room decor. Bright and durable plastic boxes are also popular choices available from manufacturers today. Whatever your style, you're sure to find one that fits your needs.

Little Tikes

Little Tikes makes several toy box styles that are sure to please your little one. Check out these options:


KidKraft offers traditional toy boxes, with many finishes that match bedroom furniture sets. Just a few toy box styles include:


Step2 has several unique storage solutions for children's toys. Unlike traditional boxes, these all have a few special features:

Tips for Choosing a Box Design

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The design you choose for a toy box should match the room decor where it will be stored and meet your requirements for safety and durability. Follow these tips for picking out the best kids' storage solution for toys and taking care of the one you choose to purchase:

  • Make sure toy boxes have safety hinges that keep fingers from being pinched.
  • Look at the base of the toy box before purchasing. If the box is tall, you want to be sure it won't topple over onto children.
  • Check the size of the toy box before purchasing to make sure it has ample storage for larger toys and that your child can use it easily.
  • Remember that additional features, such as bookshelves, will add a little to the cost of the box.
  • Most toy boxes need assembly. Gather all of the parts and read the directions before putting it together.
  • Keep the box looking new by cleaning it whenever you clean the rest of the room. Wipe wooden boxes with a dust rag and furniture spray; wipe plastic boxes with a damp cloth.

Toy Storage Solutions

A toy box is an excellent solution to storing all of your children's toys. Look for one that fits your room's decor and meets your needs to make the best use of your money. Ideally, the toy box you choose should last your child through their playtime years.

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Choosing a Toy Box