Children's Porcelain Tea Set Options

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Children porcelain tea sets are the staple of any little girl's toy collection. Memories of tea parties with favorite dollies and teddy bears will last for years to come, so why settle for cheap plastic versions? There are many options for finding the perfect kid's porcelain tea set to meet your budget.

Options in Children Porcelain Tea Sets

If you're in the market for children porcelain tea sets, there are many options available, such as:

  • Baby Scholars offers many unique sets, such as the princess castle boxed tea set for around $60.00. This site is great for buying single items, such as the teapot or cups and saucers to replace broken pieces in your set.
  • The Molly Brett Fairy Tea Set is an inexpensive option that runs under $10.00. If you are worried about your child breaking pieces from her tea set, purchase two or even three sets and keep the extra set(s) to use to replace broken pieces from the original set.
  • Another very affordable option is to purchase pieces from a local thrift store or garage sale or to use old pieces you may have on hand. Cups and saucers can be picked up for pennies, although tea pots can be a bit harder to find. Don't worry about mixing from different themes. To make the set look as though it works together, you can mix plain white items with colored pieces. Or choose a color theme, such as blue or yellow and buy different items in the same color theme. Pull everything together with a matching tablecloth and napkins and put into a pretty basket. If these items get broken, you won't mind because they were so inexpensive.
  • Looking for a slice of history? Vintage children porcelain tea sets can be found online at Ebay. Vintage sets can be fun and a chance to share a slice of history with the child in your life.

What to Do if Pieces Break

Collect tea sets for your little girl.

It's probably inevitable that if you combine porcelain and a child at least one piece of the set will get broken. Even adults tend to break pieces out of their tea sets, after all. If you have invested in a matching set, then you may want to find a resource above that offers single pieces, try Ebay or even buy two less expensive sets and keep the second set on hand to replace broken pieces out of the main set. If you choose to piece together a set from thrift stores or garage sales, then replacing items will be as simple as finding a new piece in your color scheme or theme.

In Conclusion

Now that you have the perfect child's porcelain tea set, take the time to plan a fun tea party for a birthday or other occasion. Tea parties are the perfect place to learn and practice good manners, such as please and thank you or placing a napkin in your lap while eating. Invite your daughter's friends and have them dress up and bring their favorite doll or stuffed animal. Peach tea is a mild option that tastes good and most children will enjoy, or alternately serve lemonade or a fruit drink in place of the tea. Small sandwiches can be made with cookie cutters. Pull out the new tea set, put on your best clothes and bon appetite!

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Children's Porcelain Tea Set Options