DIY Children's Bible Games for Groups

Susie McGee
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Playing children's bible games is a great way to teach children a multitude of biblical facts and foster a love of the bible as well.

Using Children's Bible Games

While encouraging play for children, Bible games can also serve a multitude of purposes. While kids' bible games are a great way to encourage kids to interact with one another, they also provide a fun way for kids to master a variety of facts concerning the bible. Bible games are commonly used by teachers in Sunday school classes and vacation bible school curriculums, as well as by youth and children's groups. However, you can also teach your children more about the bible at home with bible games, too. The following are a few fun children bible games for you and your kids to check out.

Bible Body Parts Game

When playing this game, kids will learn the many parts that made up Christ's body, and once they've pulled all the parts together, a greater lesson will be learned!

  • Supplies-All you need to play this game is some sticky notes, enough to write as many body parts as you'll need.
  • Rules and Directions-Start out by writing the main body parts on the sticky notes, such as head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc. If you know you'll have a large group participating, get more detailed with the body parts, such as nose, eyes, ears, hip, toes, etc. If you'll have a smaller group, then stick to the main parts. Next, hand out the sticky notes labeled with body parts to each child. Now, kids take turns going to other kids to find out if that child has a body part that will "connect." If so, then the kids connect by holding hands, linking arms, or hanging on to the other child's shirt. This continues until the body parts are connected! Be sure and discuss with the children the significance of this game by discussing the significance of Christ's body and how all body parts create a whole and work together. Apply this lesson to the importance of Christianity.

Going to Heaven Game

This is a fun game to play indoors or out, but if you do play it inside, you'll need quite a bit of space. The object of this game is to show that there is only one pathway to heaven, so an appropriate lesson would be to teach children that the road to God is through Jesus.

  • Supplies-Masking tape (used to mark off "straight roads to heaven".) These roads can be about six inches wide and as long as you like. You'll also need ping-pong balls and straws, too.
  • Rules and Directions-Each player is given a straw, and each team has a ping-pong ball. The game is played like a relay with teams lining up in two lines in front of their straight "roads." On a determined signal, the first player on each team attempts to blow the ping-pong down the road. However, if the ball "strays" from the path, the player must go back to his team and stand at the back of the line. The next player on his team then attempts the same process. The team whose players finish blowing the ball down the road while remaining on the path first wins.

Finally, these are just a few of the many games you can play with children. Other games could include simply having kids compete as they try to name the books of the bible, or asking kids to list the ten commandments. You might also create a bible scavenger hunt, where kids have to find the answers to bible trivia, like "Who landed in a lion's den?" or "Where did the term 'doubting Thomas' come from?" If you have any other game suggestions you'd like to add, please do so in the comments section of this article.

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DIY Children's Bible Games for Groups