Finding Children's Tables and Chairs

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Children's tables and chairs come in an abundance of options in retail stores and online. Figuring out what will work best for your child or children can help you narrow down your options and find the perfect table and chair set that fits their needs.

Kid-Sized Furniture

Kid sized furniture comes in tons of great styles and price points. When shopping for kid friendly furniture be sure that you know the measurements of the furniture piece and that you are comfortable with how the product is made. Furniture for kids should be sturdy, easy to clean, and made with non-toxic materials. Be sure to look out for:

  • Sharp edges and other potential hazards, especially if you have a little one
  • Gripping abilities on the bottom of the furniture piece if you intend to use it on hardwood or tile
  • Easy to clean surfaces without a ton of grooves or indents where food and drink spills can begin to mold
  • High quality pieces that can handle a ton of use

Popular Furniture Options

There are great children's furniture options that work great for kids who need a space to craft, do homework, and eat. Some options can be used for multiple purposes, and others are able to grow with your child and adjust to their needs.

Play and Crafting Tables

Play and crafting tables offer a great space for your little one to express their creativity and have their own designated space. You can take a look at:

  • Liggins Kids Table: This table by Isabelle and Max costs around $264 and comes with a cute small gray and white table, bench, and two chairs. This is a sturdy table that works great for kids ages two to four who need a space to play, build, and explore their creative side. It is easily wiped down and constructed of wood with rounded edges for extra safety. Isabelle and Max is rated a little above 4 stars as a company.
  • Oxgord Kids Table: This table set costs around $45 and comes with a yellow table and four chairs in purple, green, blue, and orange. This table works best for kids ages three to six and is super lightweight, very sturdy, and is made of BPA free plastic. This table can be assembled quickly without any tools required and makes for a great activity table for little ones. This table set was rated four stars by over 300 consumers.
  • Utex 2 in 1 Kids Table: This toddler table is best for ages three and older and has built-in drawers for storage. It costs around $140 for a table and two dark brown chairs. The table top is double sided with one smooth side and one built for blocks. This table works best for crafting, building, and playtime and was rated four stars.
UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity Table
UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity Table

Muti-purpose Tables

Multi-purpose tables make for a great investment. These tables have several uses and are made to adjust to your child's changing needs as they get older.

  • Classic Playtime Activity Table: This table costs around $155 and works great as a homework and play table. This table set comes with several options, including five color selections and three chair options. This set is made out of wood, has built in storage, and works best for toddlers and kids up to seven years old. This table is rated five stars.
  • Traditional Toddler Table Set and Chairs: This grey table and chair set has a sleek, modern design and looks more like adult furniture. It works great for kids who are one to three years old. This set is constructed of wood and all pieces of furniture have rounded edges. This table is easy to clean, can be used as a dining, playtime, and craft table. This table has a five star rating.
  • Wooden Kids Table and Chairs: This wooden Montessori table has a natural wood finish and comes with a table and two chairs. This set works best for toddlers and children up to 150 pounds. This table can be used as a feeding table, craft table, and homework table. This table takes less than 10 minutes to put together and costs around $140.

Dining Tables

Dining tables are a great purchase for your little one if they outgrow or refuse their high chair and are ready to eat more like a grown up. You can take a look at:

  • Metal Windsor Table: This small, white rounded table and chair set costs around $117 and fits in with most decor with its minimal style. This table is ideal for older toddlers and young children who want their own dining option. This table and chair set is super easy to clean and makes for a great snack or dining table for your little one.
Metal Windsor Table and Chair Set
Metal Windsor Table and Chair Set
  • Cube Chair Set: This chair set is made out of poplar wood and finished with coconut oil and beeswax. This table and chair set is meant to grow with your little one and costs around $188. This table set works best for toddlers and young children. The small seats can be flipped into stools once your child is older, or even repurposed as end tables. The chairs can also be flipped for two chair option heights. This is a great, sturdy table that is easy to clean and ideal for messy eaters.

The Benefits of Child Centered Furniture

Furniture made specifically for children can be a welcomed change for your growing child. You can choose to purchase a specific use table to help your child focus, or a multi-purpose table. Some may even grow with your child, offering a more frugal option.

Self Development

It's great when children have their own work space to play games, create arts and crafts, work on homework, and build puzzles. When they sit down at this table, they know it is theirs; it is their space, separate from the rest of the grown-up world.

Academic Improvement

Having a designated space for your child to do their homework or be creative can help them focus on their work or art projects. This can help them develop a healthy routine.

Posture Development

Children can learn about maintaining proper posture by sitting at tables and chairs of the appropriate size. If they can barely see over the table, or if they slip and slide on a booster chair, it can be challenging for them to feel comfortable sitting.

Selecting Kid's Furniture

It can be overwhelming to find the perfect table and chair set for your child. There are plenty of great options to choose from that work for a variety of needs. Whether you want a homework table, a crafting table, or a multipurpose table, there are some wonderful choices to opt for both online and in stores.

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