Benefits of Children's Tables and Chairs

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Whether you are decorating or un-decorating your kids' rooms, you may want to buy a children's table and chair set.

Benefits of Kid-Sized Furniture

Many parents ask why they should bother to get a special table and chairs set. Why spend the money or time when a kitchen or dining room table will do?

Living Space Protection

Kitchen/dining room table and chairs are furnishings you do not want destroyed by paints, scissors, glue, markers, and crayons. You can try to prevent damage by covering the table surface with newspapers, but there is little you can do to protect the chairs. Additionally, you may not want to eat on the same table your child uses for arts and crafts.

Self Development

Children should have their own work space to play games, create arts and crafts, work on homework, and build puzzles. When they sit down at this table, they know it is theirs; it is their space, separate from the rest of the grown-up world. Psychologically, this is important for their self development.

Academic Improvement

Giving children their own place to do homework and study can actually improve their grades. Studies have shown that doing homework or studying in the same place every day helps the brain focus better. If your children have their own table and chairs they may do their homework faster and more accurately.

Posture Development

Children can only learn proper posture by sitting at tables and chairs of the appropriate size. If they can barely see over the table, or if they slip and slide on a booster chair, they cannot learn how to sit properly at a table. For a child to have proper back alignment, his feet must be firmly planted on the floor. With younger kids, this is only possible on children's tables and chairs.

Questions to Ask

  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • What will the table be used for?
    • Arts and Crafts?
    • Games?
    • Homework?
    • Snacks?
    • Meals?
    • Decoration?
  • Do I want the table and chairs to match my decorating scheme?
  • Do I want a basic, wooden table and chairs set or something more ornate?
  • Where will I put the table and chairs?
  • Will this set be used by one child or multiple children?
  • How long do I want it to last?

Finding Children's Tables and Chairs

You can find a children's table and chair set without too much effort; many kids' furniture stores sell appropriately sized table and chairs for children. You may want one that fits the décor of your playroom or kids' rooms or you may want a table that your children can spill things on without too much damage. Most kids' furniture stores sell both decorative and practical sets. The following stores sell child sized table and chair sets:

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Benefits of Children's Tables and Chairs