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Child Safety With Decks and Balconies

Keep your children safe around the pool.

Installing a child safety deck when you have a pool in your back yard should be part of your budget for a project like this. You should also consider installing netting on your balcony to help prevent falls. Indoor rails can also be a hazard, and you can take steps to keep your children from getting stuck there, too.

Child Safety Deck for a Pool

If you have a pool in your back yard, you need to be especially vigilant when it comes to young children. It is absolutely heartbreaking to think that approximately 350 youngsters in the United States die in drowning mishaps each year. Most of these tragedies occur in the family pool, and children under the age of five at the highest risk of drowning.

It only takes a few moments for a child to slip unseen into the pool and drown, and many pool designs have a deck leading right to the water. What is a responsible parent to do?

One option is to install a child safety deck in a style that has a barrier wall that can be raised when you want to keep little ones away from the pool area. A pulley system is used to raise and lower the barrier, so you can have access to the water quickly and conveniently. This option will blend in with the existing deck design, so that children are unable to see the pool when the barrier is raised.

If they are unable to see the water, they are less likely to be pestering the adults to go in until someone is available to properly supervise them. Keep in mind that no matter how effective a barrier is to keeping children safe, it's no substitute for supervision by a responsible adult.

Child Deck Shield Netting

When children are on a deck or a balcony outfitted with rails, they have been known to slip through the railing and fall. To help prevent this type of injury, install deck shield netting on the deck or balcony.

A special plastic netting may be used for this purpose. Choose one that is UV resistant, so it can stand up to the sun's rays for a number of years. Cable ties are used to fasten the netting to the posts on the deck, and screws are used to secure it to the floor of the deck or balcony.

Shield for Indoor Balcony

Outdoor decks aren't the only place where you need to be concerned about rails and children falling through them. For indoor use, a clear shield can be placed on rails anywhere you are concerned about children falling.

This type of product will also protect your child from getting his or her head stuck between the rails. This situation can be extremely upsetting for the child, and the child may even strangle him or herself on their clothing.

Look for a shield made out of clear plastic, so that the appearance of the interior of your home is not affected. The product will be attached to spindles and end posts with cable ties. If you want to attach it to the wall, you will need to anchor it with screws.

The plastic may break down if exposed to direct sunlight, so you will want to check the manufacturer's specifications before you install a shield in your home.

It only takes a few moments for a young child to fall or get into trouble on a deck, balcony, or near stairs. Parents and grandparents need to take the time to check out available safety products to make sure that these precious members of the family are kept safe. Installing safety devices, like a child safety deck or deck shield, in your home will make a babysitter feel more confident when caring for your children, too.

Child Safety With Decks and Balconies