Character Ideas for a Kid's Birthday Party

Two little girls at a princess birthday party

No matter their gender, there are plenty of characters for a kids birthday party. Whether your little girl is fascinated by princesses, or your little boy is smitten with superheroes, the following kids' birthday ideas will incorporate their favorite characters into a well-planned theme!

Theme Birthdays

Themed parties are an easy way to plan and budget a birthday celebration. Not only are theme celebrations easy to organize, the outcome always looks pulled-together and professional. You don't need to hire a professional party planner for your next birthday bash. Instead, hone your own creativity and include some of your child's favorite characters for a kids birthday party that is sure to impress all ages!

Popular Characters for a Kids Birthday Party


A favorite amongst the boys, superhero birthday parties are action packed and filled with excitement! Whether you opt for a simple one- superhero theme such as Spiderman or Superman, or incorporate the whole Marvel gang. There are plenty of ways to create a boy-friendly bash! First, consider having guests dress as their favorite superhero. The birthday cake can be decked out in the superhero character, and grab bags may include popular action figures. Depending on the age of the guests, superhero movies can play in the background to really get the party going. A trampoline is an excellent backyard addition to all the superhero fun!


A princess-themed party, such as Cinderella , is sure to thrill almost any young girl. To help make her day special, make sure she has a dress fit for the occasion. Shop costume shops or on the Internet for a princess costume prior to her big day. Instead of serving a traditional cake, cupcakes make a dainty and feminine alternative. For grab bags, stuff small velour pouches with costume jewelry and peel-off nail polish. For activities, set the music and let the girls enjoy a giddy tea party!

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is a classic children's favorite and is a very popular theme for baby and toddler parties. The ideas for Winnie and friends are endless. If weather permits, consider a forest themed party. Serve pitchers of cool lemonade on picnic tables dressed in white linens. Serve honey and toast as an appetizer and tie lots of red balloons on the table. Kids can play treasure hunt and hide and seek within the forest (with parental supervision.) Have your local baker decorate a Winnie the Pooh cake and serve the slices on fine china.


For the boy who loves speed, a Speed Racer themed birthday party is a great choice! To decorate the party room, hang checkerboard flags across the ceiling. Deck out the table with a racy red tablecloth and serve red Race Punch. Place setting cards can be held with small Hot Wheels. The birthday card can be decorated with Speed Racer himself, and the grab bags should include a racecar and a couple of action-packed bouncy balls!

Disney Characters

Disney characters are an all-time favorite for kids themed birthday parties. Whether you opt for the beloved Mickey Mouse or go a little more mainstream with the Little Mermaid, a Disney theme is sure to excite nearly any child, no matter their gender! He's sure to love a Jungle Book party, while she's certain to feel special at her own Beauty and the Beast celebration. For inspiration, find out what her favorite Disney movie is, and start planning away! The Disney Store has plenty of costumes to accommodate the special occasion, so be sure to get them dressed in suit!

Plan Ahead

With a little brainstorming and advance planning, you can pull together a spectacular and memorable birthday party, even on a shoestring budget! Seek secondhand stores for props and linens, and check out Ebay for costumes and accessories. No matter the character, the real star of the show is your child! Why not thrill him with a special party? All it takes is a bit of creativity!

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Character Ideas for a Kid's Birthday Party