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Looking at kids' slideshows is the fastest and easiest way to get ideas on everything from your daughter's new hairstyle or sport to your son's birthday cake or school uniform. A great picture can sometimes tell you more than a thousand words on the subject.

Kids' Slideshows: Cakes

If you've ever skipped the grocery store or bakery and instead made a homemade birthday cake, you know the endeavor can be tricky. Looking at pictures of kids' birthday cakes can be an effective way to get new ideas and learn new techniques. We have an extensive collection of kids' birthday cake galleries illustrating:

Hair and Fashion

Fashion is such a visual topic, so we offer many kids slideshows devoted to clothing and hair. If your kids' schools require uniforms, be sure to check out our slideshows on the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a uniform, as well as our school uniform gallery.

Educational Slideshows

Have you ever found yourself baffled by a parenting situation? Or, perhaps you'd like to be closer to your kids and you just don't know how to start. LoveToKnow's photo galleries and slideshows can also offer tips for positive parenting, explain the various parenting styles or offer invaluable parenting tips.

We also offer educational slideshows for kids, including ones on history, animal facts, and the rainforest.

Information and Ideas

Whether you are looking for expert information or for a selection of creative ideas and activities for your children, these slideshows can get you started. New galleries appear every month, so check back often.

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