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Just like a man's home is his castle, kids' rooms are their entire kingdom! Children do far more than just sleep in their bedrooms. A child's bedroom is his personal space; it is where he sleeps, plays, reads, relaxes, entertains guests, and does homework. Every new parent spends hours planning and preparing a child's first room. The older children get, the more interested they usually become in choosing the decorations and furniture for their bedrooms. They begin to see their own room as a reflection of their personality.

Kids' Furniture Stores

Today, there are many furniture companies and accessory lines that focus totally on the children's room market. Here are just a few companies focusing on fun, small furniture and kid-friendly designs:

Selecting Kids' Room Furniture

From kids' furniture to bedding, we have the information that will help you to create the perfect child's room from preschool to the teen years. Whether you are thinking about purchasing a loft bed, a bunk bed, a canopy, or a basic twin bed, we can help you make the right choice.

Kids today are spending more and more time on the computer or doing homework, so a child-size computer desk and chairs are also essential.

Childrens' Bedroom Accessories

After you've purchased your child's furniture, you'll need to complete the look with accessories such as lamps, wall hangings, night lights, and alarm clocks.

A Professional Touch

If you are looking for general decorating tips or more information on interior design for kids rooms, you can also visit LoveToKnow Interior Design to learn about lighting techniques and color schemes to brighten up your child's room.

Kids' Rooms and Decor