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From stealthy movements to deciphering secrets, spy games for kids make any child feel like a mysterious secret agent or detective. Whether you're looking for new games to try at home or planning a secret agent… Keep reading »

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A child's play is his work and kids' games and software are the tools of his trade! There are thousands of kids' games to choose from, no matter what the age of your child and the types of interests he has.

Educational Kids' Games and Software

If you are looking for educational games, we have math and phonics game for kids of all ages. After all, it's never too early for learning games that can inspire your kids and give them a significant advantage before they've even headed to school. Kids' puzzles are also indirectly educational as they encourage kids to practice their cognitive, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.

For school-going children, educational games can reinforce what teachers are currently working on at school, as well as help your child maintain her academic level during the seemingly-endless summer vacation.

If you are concerned with character education, we also offer resources for caring games and religious activities.

Budget-Friendly Games

Fortunately, you don't have to spend a fortune on games! Card games are great, low-cost options. Go Fish, Battle, and Concentration are fun games that only require a deck of cards and at least two players. There are also plenty of free kids' games online and free printable games and quizzes. Also, keep in mind that playing tag or dress up require no purchases whatsoever.

Making Time for Fun

While educational demands, and sports and recreational commitments can take up a lot of time, remember that kids need time to play too. Unstructured free time provides opportunities for kids to make their own choices, manage their own priorities, and develop creativity by inventing their own games.

Kids' Games and Software