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Tall Girls’ Clothing: Popular Stores and Style Tips

Tall Girls’ Clothing: Popular Stores and Style Tips

Finding clothing to fit tall girls can be a real challenge. There are some stores that offer better options for taller girls, and plenty of tips you can employ when trying to find longer inseams and well-cut… Keep reading »

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Kids' clothing and hair... it sounds like a minor thing, but it's a top priority to our children! Right or wrong, some kids' identities are closely tied to their appearance. Kids also practice personal expression through their fashion and hair choices.

From designer duds to discount clothes, we have tips for finding all sorts of kids clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as suggestions for selecting a hairstyle for your children.

Kids' Hair

Many younger kids do not like having their hair washed and brushed, so it's important to find low-maintenance styles for these children. Short, simple cuts make life easier for parents whose kids cannot be bothered and do not want to sit still long enough for a braid or ponytail. If your kids enjoy fixing their hair, you have many options in style. Looking at pictures of hairstyles with your child is often the best way to find the right look for her; we have many photo galleries that highlight popular styles, both contemporary and classics that never go out of style:

Kids' Clothing

While everyday clothing is often led by older children's preferences, younger children often leave all clothing questions up to Mom and Dad. This means you need lots of  inspiration for finding what are, today, unique children's clothes and tips for buying kids' clothes that are as fashionable as they are affordable.

As more and more schools switch over to school uniforms, or consider whether or not to implement the practice, the school uniform debate is another popular topic on LoveToKnow Kids. Find out what kids think about school uniforms, as well as what studies show to be the pros and cons of requiring a certain type of apparel at school.

Kids' Shoes

Kids' shoes can be a major expense for parents, especially since kids need multiple pairs. Some kids' shoes wear out before they've had a chance to outgrow them! We'll give you tips for finding the best, longest lasting shoes for toddlers and older children.

Kids' Clothing and Hair: Accessories

For many kids, jewelry and hair accessories are just as important as clothing. Kids can use accessories to personalize school uniforms as well as "regular" clothing.

Personal Expression

While it's always a good idea to teach children how to dress appropriately for any given occasion, be sure to recognize the importance of self-expression and the role that clothing, hair, shoes, and accessories can play in this process. Provide guidance for your child, and make sure he is dressed warmly enough and is wearing appropriate clothing to school, but also encourage his freedom of expression by making his closet a place of free choice, within reason.

Kids' Clothing and Hair