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Free Printable Treasure Hunt Clue Sheets

Free Printable Treasure Hunt Clue Sheets

Sending kids on a treasure hunt is a great way to keep them busy during any party. It is also a good indoor activity for kids when the weather is inclement. Use one of LTK's fun printable treasure hunt clues… Keep reading »

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Today's families have schedules full of various kids' activities, but they're always looking for more. Do you find yourself wondering how to fill the long winter or rainy spring days with your child? Are you looking for new ideas for fun ways to spend the day, and active crafts to help develop your little one's fine motor skills?

Fun Games and Kids' Crafts

Here you will find fun activities for inside and outside, for the bathroom, the kitchen, or the laboratory. Whatever your child's age, we have something of interest to keep both his hands and mind busy. We have ABC Games for your toddler or math games for your young mathematician.

Sports and Physical Activity

With childhood obesity on the rise, it's more important than ever for kids to get moving. Sports and outdoor games get kids engaged in active fun, which is great for their health and their moods. Use physical fitness as a way to spend time with your kids as well. Whether you get involved in your son's Little League team or become a teacher's assistant at your daughter's ballet class, you can get involved in your child's active lifestyle. Of course, a family game of tag on a Saturday afternoon is just as much fun as it is good exercise!

Kids Activities: Clubs and Groups

Just as kids need physical activities, they also need time to socialize in a relaxed setting. Kids' clubs provide this type of opportunity in a safe, controlled environment. Girl and boy scouts are well-established clubs that focus on character building as well as hands-on activities. Book clubs, math clubs, and chemistry clubs allow kids to explore their academic interests with like-minded children. These types of activities boost self esteem and social skills, and some of them also help develop academic skills.

Time Spent with Kids

Lots of kids' activities involve sending your child to another place to be with his peers, but doing activities together is also a great set-up. There's no better way to strengthen the parent-child relationship than spending quality time together. The activities provided here are fun for kids to do together, but most children will enjoy them even more if you, as parents, get in on the fun as well.

Kids' Activities