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Free Easter Speeches for Children

Free Easter Speeches for Children

Easter celebrations range from commercial to Christian and include people of all ages. Writing or reciting a speech about Easter can help children better understand what they are celebrating. The Easter speeches… Keep reading »

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Holidays are special days, especially for kids and their families. Regardless of how many holidays your family celebrates, they are bound to be days your child will remember and cherish forever. Each holiday is embedded in the weather of the season in which it falls; Easter brings on thoughts of outdoor egg hunts in the grass, and Halloween inspires recollections of crisp evening air in the fall. While the seasons and the holidays occurring in each one are bound to make big impacts on your kids, you can help them make an even bigger impression by putting together some appropriate activities for fun and learning during each season.

Seasonal Resources

From the evolving colors on the trees to the changing temperatures in the air, kids love observing the many faces of nature. These seasonal changes offer great opportunities for educational lessons, fun crafts, and active games.

Take advantage of kids' natural curiosity about the seasons. Young kids often enjoy nature walks. Take it up a notch and challenge your kids to find tangible proof of the changing seasons, such as trees stripped of leaves, snow on the ground, new sprouts, blooming flowers, colored leaves, newly hatched birds, and more. Take along your camera and work on a seasonal scrapbook or nature journal. If your kids' are patient and you're looking for a long-term project, pick one tree and observe it daily or weekly. Have your child sketch it each week  (or daily in some periods) for a year. Over time, the seasonal changes will be very obvious. For more ideas, check out:

Holiday Fun

When it comes to childhood fun and happy memories, it's hard to beat holidays. Kids love the traditions associated with holidays. In celebrating holidays as a family, it's important to not only cherish time-honored family traditions, but also to create new ones for your children to perhaps pass on to their own kids one day. 

In addition to special events that come back each year as part of celebrating a given holiday, kids enjoy seasonal activities that build up excitement for each upcoming holiday season. Try some of these fun holiday activities with your kids to get them in the spirit and get your house decorated for the special day.

Learning Opportunities

The ever-changing seasons are not only fun to observe, but also fascinating to learn about. Finding out why leaves change color and why rain versus snow falls are great science lessons. Holidays are also great learning opportunities, especially for finding out about different cultures and the historical origins of each holiday. Thematic activities that are timed well can be lots of fun and provide excellent learning materials for kids of all ages.

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Holiday and Seasonal Resources