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Quality childcare is a necessity for most modern families, but the choices available can be overwhelming. Should you go with a home daycare, a childcare facility, a live-in nanny or occasional babysitters? While some families prefer professional facilities, others bring the children to their grandparents' house on a rotating schedule.

Determining Childcare Goals

When you are choosing childcare, you'll need to carefully weigh out your goals and desires for your kids. Are you simply looking for someone who will keep your children safe, or do you want them to be educated as well? If you are looking for an educational facility, do you want religious teaching to be part of the curriculum or do you prefer secular learning? Are you looking for a childcare provider who will become a part of your family or one who will maintain a certain distance?

Weighing Advantages and Disadvantages

Each type of childcare has its own advantages, disadvantages, and special considerations. A home daycare, for example, may offer the close knit feeling that appeals to some parents, but parents must ensure that the home is licensed and registered according to local laws. While some parents may feel that large childcare facilities are impersonal, they do often have more structure and educational opportunities, and their workers usually have professional qualifications. Making the final choice will ultimately depend on your family's needs and financial resources.

From before and after-school care to all-day supervision, we help you understand all of the childcare options. While the different types of childcare providers may seem overwhelming at first, the information we provide here can help you make an informed decision about where and with whom your children spend their time when you are at work.

Childcare and Safety