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career sites for kids

It's never too early to decide on a career and there are plenty of career sites for kids to help you get started. In addition to putting some wonderful ideas in your children's heads, these sites are great for gathering information and feeding the imagination. What follows is a look at some great career sites for kids.

At, visitors are treated to a large listing of career sites for kids. Kids, 'tweens and teens can click on any of the links to learn more about various professions. There are links here to information regarding aquarium and aviation careers, careers in the military, role model and mentoring programs, technical careers and much more. If your child has expressed interest in becoming an astronaut or zookeeper, this is the place to go!

MGS for Kids and Teachers

Speaking of astronauts, MGS for Kids and Teachers is part of the NASA website and offers some great career sites for kids who are interested in becoming part of the space program. Explore programs for those interested in careers in astronomy, chemistry, geology, chemistry, science and space exploration.

What Do You Like?

Sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, What Do You Like? encourages kids to find careers that are fun and interesting by exploring their favorite things. Children who like to read can explore careers in writing, teaching and library science, while a child who enjoys nature might want to become a landscape architect, veterinarian or farmer.

Other Career Sites for Kids

The above is just a small sampling of the available career sites for kids. Once you explore those, help your kids learn more about some interesting things to do at one or all of these sites:

  • Engineer Girl is one of many career sites for kids geared towards the advancement of girls. Young ladies can learn all about the different types of engineering jobs available.
  • What Do They Do? offers an alphabetical listing of professions with a description of each.
  • Another of NASA's career sites for kids, Careers in Earth Science offers kids a look at jobs not only as scientists but computer programmers, writers, engineers, forest rangers and more.

Choosing a Career

No one expects a young child to choose a career at an early age. Workplace competition being what it is, there's no harm in encouraging children to explore their options and hone skills and interests. By visiting career sites for kids, they can get overviews and requirements for various professions and learn what they will need to pursue those opportunities they find interesting.

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Career Sites for Kids