Birthday Wishes as Kids' Party Themes

Candles blown out on a birthday cake

Every weekend, children eagerly take deep breaths, blow out the candles on their cakes, and make their birthday wishes. Then they wait in breathless excitement for those wishes to come true. This year, make your children's dreams come true before they blow out the candles! While you probably can't really give your daughter a pony or turn your son into a superhero, you can come close.

Dreams of a Horse

Many young children dream of owning a pony. While it might not be possible for you to own a horse in your neighborhood, you can still fulfill part of your child's horse birthday wishes.

Horse Birthday Themes

Even if you can't give your pint-sized horse lover her own horse, you can still give her a horse birthday party. Here are a few ideas for horse-themed birthday parties:

  • Pony Ride Party

Many facilities offering horse-riding lessons also host birthday parties. Party packages will usually include pony rides for all of the guests and other ranch-related fun.

  • Carousel

Some malls, zoos, and amusement parks feature realistic-looking carousels. Many of these offer carousel birthday packages. Even if they don't offer packages, a birthday trip to a carousel is sure to please a young horse lover.

  • Petting Zoo Party

Many companies have mobile petting zoos -- they bring the animals and the party to you! If there are no mobile petting zoos in your area, many zoos offer birthday party packages at their facility. As petting zoos usually include miniature ponies, this is the ideal birthday party for a horse lover.

Horse Birthday Gifts

There are many horse-related birthday gifts available for youngsters. Here are some ideas:

  • Horse-riding lessons
  • Redecorate room in horse/western theme
  • Horse toys

Wishing for a Car

Many children, both boys and girls, are fascinated by all forms of transportation. If your birthday child's fondest wish is to own a car, there are several things you can do to grant that wish.

Car Birthday Themes

Here are a few driving and car-related birthday party ideas:

  • Go-cart Party

If there is a go-cart facility in your area, make that your birthday party location. Most party packages include go-cart rides, video game tokens, food, and beverages.

  • Transportation Party
  • Nascar Party

Car Birthday Gifts

If your child just can't wait to drive, here are a few gift ideas:

  • Remote Controlled Car
  • Go-cart
  • Electric Scooter
  • Kids' ATV

Be sure to check the age recommendations of all automobile gifts. Even if your young child is big for her age, she may not have the coordination and dexterity necessary to operate a toy meant for older kids.

Sports Fantasies

Many young kids look up to superstar athletes and aspire to be just like them. While you can't guarantee your children will be the next Michael Jordan or Mia Hamm, you can let them participate in sports.

Sports Birthday Themes

Any sport your child enjoys can be the center of a birthday party. Most sporting facilities can be rented for parties. For outdoor parties, rent a pavilion or put up a canopy at a local park. Bring the cake, decorations, and sports gear and you're ready to go. Here are some sports that translate well into birthday parties:

  • Roller skating
  • Ice skating
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Laser tag

Sports Birthday Gifts

  • Private Lessons
  • Tickets to a Sporting Event
  • Sports Jersey
  • Autographed Ball or Jersey
  • Sign up for Team
  • Sports Paraphernalia

Superhero Birthday Wishes

So, your child aspires to be Super-Man, Spider-Man, Bat-Girl, or Kim Possible. You can't help her defy gravity, but you can give her a magical birthday.

Superhero Birthday Themes

There are many themes revolving around superheroes, including:

  • Bat-Man
  • Spider-Man
  • Super-Man
  • X-Men
  • Kim Possible

Each of these themes offers an abundance of ready-made party invitations, decorations, cakes, and favors. For a fun twist, have each child come to the party dressed as her own favorite superhero. Then have superhero karaoke and sports.

Entertainment for a superhero party can include a magic show, parachute play, and an inflatable castle or house.

Superhero Birthday Gifts

If your child is aspiring to be a superhero, she'd probably enjoy feeling powerful. Here are some gift ideas that just might help:

  • Science Kits
  • Magic Kits
  • Personalized Superhero Book
  • Trampoline
  • Superhero Capes
  • Superhero Figurines
  • Superhero Video Games

Birthday Wishes Summary

By using a bit of creativity, you can make any birthday wish come true for the day. Just think about your child's wildest wish and look for unique ways to make it a reality.

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Birthday Wishes as Kids' Party Themes