Free Printable Birthday Cards to Color

Little girl coloring a homemade birthday card

Birthday cards kids can color are a great way to involve your children in family celebrations. With a printer and a few coloring mediums such as a box of crayons or colored pencils, your child can share in the joy of creating customized birthday greetings.

About Birthday Cards Kids Can Color

Regardless of your child's age, he can add a special touch to any birthday card by coloring just a few scribbles or drawing a colorful picture for the birthday recipient. Birthday cards kids can color are a creative and customized way to include your child in birthday festivities. Whether it is for grandma, dad or her own sister or brother, she's certain to feel part of the excitement when she has the opportunity to add her own special wishes to the birthday card greeting.

Add a Custom Touch

Unlike traditional birthday greeting cards, birthday cards kids can color are a unique way for kids to share their love for the recipient. Custom cards are much more meaningful that store-bought greetings, and they are sure to be stored away preciously rather than tossed after the occasion. While the Internet sources listed below offer plenty of free printable cards in a variety of birthday theme choices, the creativity doesn't have to stop there! Craft and scrapbooking supply stores offer a generous supply of cardstock and printed papers that can easily be used to design your own unique birthday greetings. In addition to traditional printable card designs, why not hone in on your creativity and try making your own card? Many scrapbooking stores have on-site work tables and offer endless assistance and inspiration!

Free Printable Birthday Cards

Make Your Own

A simple white sheet of paper can be turned into a card once folded into halves or quarters. In addition, handmade envelopes can be created to accommodate the size of the card, so don't let the small details stop you from helping your child design a one-of-a- kind card!

If you really want to get crafty and involve the kids, why not take him to a craft supply store and let him choose his own set of special markers and glitter pens? You can create her own card-making kit by filling a pencil box with scrap paper and a few card making essentials. Stock up on the following basic supplies so she has the tools ready when the next card-making occasion rolls around.

  • Pencil box
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Crayons, markers, and colored pencils
  • Glue sticks and craft glue
  • Confetti and loose glitter
  • Tissue paper
  • Finger paints
  • Assorted stamps and ink pads

After your child has the essentials for card making, you can encourage her to use her card-making kit year-round. She can pre-make a variety of cards and send them out whenever the occasion calls for a personalized greeting rather than just a birthday celebration. Family and friends will cherish the time and effort she puts into her unique greetings, and she'll get the benefit of expressing her creativity and exercising her dexterity!

Free Printables

If you'd rather go the quick and simple yet still personalized route, the following Internet sites have plenty of free printables for birthday cards and even invitations that kids can color. Simply select your design, print, and have kids creatively color away!

Birthdays are an exciting occasion that kids love to get involved in. Rather than just put a stamp on a traditional store-bought card, involving kids in the celebration is a great way for them to extend their special touch and greetings to the recipient! If you plan ahead a few days and set aside some creative work time, you can ensure birthday greetings will always be homemade and heartfelt!

Free Printable Birthday Cards to Color