Making Bedding for Toddler Beds

Bedding for Toddler Beds

Choosing bedding for toddler beds can be difficult. Toddlers are at a stage in life where they like to test boundaries, which can try parents' patience. If your toddler cannot choose a bedding set in the store, perhaps it is time to look into making your own bedding for your toddler. Or, if you have a creative person in your family or network of friends, you can ask them to make the bedding for you.

Patterns for Bedding for Toddler Beds

Finding a pattern to make bedding for toddler beds is an easy task. Some toddler beds are the same size as an adult twin-size bed, so use a pattern made for a twin bed. Or, for toddler beds that are special sizes, check in the nursery section of patterns. These beds are usually converted from cribs into a small size daybed or a toddler bed.

Some designs that may prove useful in making your toddler bedding include:

  • Simplicity 1604- This pattern includes all the bedding patterns (including a duvet in size 36 X 50), along with accessories like a rocking chair seat cover and window valance.
  • Jan Andrea's Fitted Toddler Bed Sheet- Check this website for step-by-step instructions for making a fitted bottom sheet that will stay tucked under your toddler's bed. Instructions for making the top sheet are also included.
  • McCall's Pattern M6482 - This pattern includes a quilt and pillows that feature an adorable set of owls.

Do not forget that virtually all twin bed patterns will fit your toddler bed. However, it is best to write down measurements of your child's bed to be sure that the pattern you choose will fit perfectly.

Choosing a Fabric

Deciding on a theme usually revolves around choosing a fabric. Fabrics can be found at local discount stores or from specialty sewing and craft stores like:

Have your pattern chosen before you shop for a fabric. This way, you know exactly how much you will need. Additionally, decide if you are going to go with a character-based fabric (like Elmo, Dora the Explorer, or other children's character), a specialty theme (nautical, fashion, or sports), or if you will go with a color theme, incorporating stripes or polka dots.

Choose a lightweight cotton or jersey fabric for sheets that will be used year round. For colder fall and winter months, you may consider picking up some flannel to use in making the sheets.


Not only can you make or have made bedding for toddler beds, but you can make some of your own accessories for your child's room as well. This will ensure that you have the same fabric to match, along with keeping your toddler's room personalized.

Try these patterns to make things to add personality to your child's bedroom:

  • Simplicity 4745- This pattern is for making fleece blankets and other throws. These can be used to accessorize a room.
  • Free Patterns - This site offers a free sewing pattern for a Go Fly a Kite wall quilt that would look cute in almost any young child's bedroom.

Making your own bedding for toddler beds is a great way to make your child's room unique. It can save money in the long run, because patterns are relatively inexpensive (between five and fifteen dollars), and you can check fabric stores for sales. If your toddler's bedding is twin-sized, buy a pattern that also has a full-size available for use in the future.

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Making Bedding for Toddler Beds