Beach Coloring Pages

Gabrielle Applebury
Girl coloring beach page at table

Coloring scenes from a day at the beach might be just the activity to brighten up your child's day. Here are four free, original coloring pages to get your child started, plus tips on where you can find more.

Free Beach-Themed Coloring Pages

Almost any child would love to spend long, lazy days at the beach swimming, surfing, collecting seashells and building sand castles. When you can't make it to the beach, these coloring pages are the next best thing. They'll come in handy at home, but they also make a great school or daycare activity. Simply click on each image to download and print it out.

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Ways to Use Your Coloring Pages

There are many ways to expand the joy these coloring pages can provide.

Short Stories

Help your little one express their creativity by assisting them in creating a short story with one individual page, or by combining all four images into a small book just for them. After they finish coloring in the image, use the blank back page to write out a unique story. If they need assistance writing, have them narrate the words for you to transcribe. Their stories can be a fun read at the end of the day, during quiet time, or right before bed.

Frame Collage

You can also frame your child's pictures and hang them up in their room as a collage. To do so, find matching frames, or mix-and-match for a funkier look. To hang these up without damaging your walls, consider using an adhesive like Command strips. These pictures can create a cute artistic vibe in your little one's room.

Jigsaw Puzzle

After your child has completed coloring the image, paste the page to a sheet of construction paper or thin cardboard of the same dimensions. On the back of the construction paper or cardboard, apply a printable puzzle pieces template or draw out your own pattern and cut out the pieces accordingly. You now have your very own jigsaw puzzle!

More Free Beach Scenes to Color

If your child wants even more pages to color, the following websites are wonderful resources. They each offer beach-related coloring pages that you can download for free.

  • Coloring.WS features many beach-inspired coloring pages in their summer coloring section. You'll even find color-by-number and connect-the-dots coloring pages, activities most children love to do. As long as you have JavaScript enabled, you can easily download any of these pages.
  • Raising Our Kids offers 16 adorable coloring pages that feature activities like sailing, wading along the shore, playing in the sand and more. All you have to do is click on a page to print it, and you have the option to print a single page or multiple copies. You might even want to print every page to create a full beach coloring book.
  • Doodle Art Alley is bound to be a favorite with older children who love pages with a lot of detail. Their designs include tropical islands, sand castles, and even an awesome sunset scene. Just click your favorite images to download and print.

Beach Fun Anytime

With all of these terrific coloring pages, there is no need to wait for the next trip to the beach to have a little fun. Instead, children can take a virtual trip anytime they want as they color away!

Beach Coloring Pages