April Fools' Pranks for Kids to Do on Parents or Friends


Are you the usually the butt of April Fools pranks for kids? Well, this April Fools Day, be the one to get your friends first! Here are a few April Fools pranks that you can play on your friends to get them back for all the tomfoolery they have done over the years.

Appropriate April Fools Pranks for Kids

April Fools pranks should be kid-appropriate, safe, and fun. While you can get as creative as you want in coming up with the perfect prank, here are some classics that have stood the test of time:

What's in Your Milk?

This is a simple joke you can play on your friends at school or at home. All you need is milk and a container that is not see through, but that can readily be looked inside of, such as a milk carton or thermos. Place some food coloring into the milk without them seeing you or without them knowing; black or green is probably the best. When they go to take a drink, look at the milk and pretend it is the first time you're seeing it and shout something like "Gross! What's in your milk?" Then simply sit back and watch. Make sure to keep a straight face, though, or they will know it was just a joke; you can always tell them later.

The Wormy Apple

Take an apple and carefully poke a few gummy worms into it. Leave part of the worm sticking out. You can then give these apples to your parents, friends, and teachers. You can also sit them out and allow people to take them on their own. Gummy worms that look real have the most entertaining effect.

April Showers Bring What?

Well, normally April showers bring May flowers, but not on April Fools Day. To pull off this trick you need a sink with a hose that has a spray nozzle and a rubber band. When no one is looking, use the rubber band to securely push down and hold the lever on the back of the spray nozzle. After placing the rubber band, put the nozzle back into the hole with the nozzle pointing outward in the direction of where a person would stand when he uses the sink.

The depressed nozzle lever will divert water to the hose and into the nozzle the next time someone turns on the sink, thus producing your very own April shower. Make sure you are around to see the hilarious end results of your conniving plan, but if it's your sister, you should run!

Stuck Change

To pull off this prank all you need is some leftover change, a little super glue, a surface you won't get in trouble for defaming, and a crowded area. Apply some of the super glue to the change and then stick it to the ground or countertop. Hide and watch as people attempt to pick up the unmovable change from the ground.

Fake Throw Up

Only do this prank if you and your friends have strong stomachs and your classmates and school officials have a sense of humor. To pull off this prank, you will need a friend who is an ally in your gag.

The night before, fill a hot water bottle with any leftover food you can get your hands on. Before walking into the cafeteria for lunch, tuck the water bottle up under your shirt. While sitting at the table, make a sound like you are throwing up, bend over to clutch your stomach, and apply pressure to the bottle so the leftovers come out of the bottle. The harder you push, the further the gunk will spew, so push hard and fast for maximum affect. Your friend who's in on the gag can then take a bite of the throw-up, much to everyone's disgust and dismay.

Rude Awakening

For this next April Fools prank, you need a bunch of alarm clocks. Set each alarm clock for a different time. For the greatest punch, select early times in the morning at short intervals. Place the alarm clocks all around the room of the prank's victim. Make sure you wake up before the first alarm is due to go off so you can sit back and watch the joke play out as the victim tries to locate all the alarm clocks you have hidden. You could also set all the alarm clocks to go off at the exact same time and watch as he or she tries to find all the clocks to shut off all the blaring alarms.

Picking a Prank

When selecting April Fools pranks for kids, make sure the intended victim has a sense of humor. There is no sense getting into trouble over what should be a fun and harmless joke, so choose the time and place of the prank and the type of prank carefully.

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April Fools' Pranks for Kids to Do on Parents or Friends