Apple Facts for Children

Eat your daily apple!

If you want to encourage healthy eating habits, these fun apple facts for children may just do the trick! Whether just for fun or for learning, discovering interesting apple facts for kids will help you have a new appreciation for this delicious fruit.

Encourage Healthy Alternatives

Much of your child's eating habits and health choices will be formed in his early childhood years as a direct result of parental influence. Even if you have the best intentions at heart, one too many trips to the fast food drive thru may start to change your kid's outlook on what's acceptable to consume on a daily basis. With television and clever advertisements consistently marketing processed and sugary foods to kids, it can be a challenge to encourage them to get back to the basics and consume the minimum of five daily cups of the recommended fruit allowance. These fun and humorous apple facts for children may help her realize that the fastest, juiciest and most convenient food choice is also great for her health and body!

Fun Apple Facts for Children

To get your child to consume the minimum requirement of five cups of fruit per day, teach and quiz him on these fun apple facts for kids! Learning about the history and lore behind the amazing apple will not only build appreciation for the fine fruit, but also encourage him to seek out an assortment of variations to find which apple and flavors strike his fancy during snacktime.

Apple Facts

With their original origin found somewhere between the Black and the Caspian Sea, today the apple is grown throughout the world and is actually a member of the rose family. In the United States alone, the apple is grown in every state, with Pennsylvania, Michigan and Washington leading the pack for sumptuous and juicy varieties.

While the apple is almost always associated as a deep red shiny fruit, there are many different varieties that bear their own unique texture, flavor, and color. While apple trees are growing and maturing year round, the apple fruit is harvested in the late summer and early fall months from August thru October, making this special fruit a favorite addition to autumn meals, pies, and Halloween treats.

Fun Trivia

While there are plenty of legends and lore surrounding this biblically noted fruit, the following facts make the world of the apple even more fascinating:

  • There are over 7,500 apple varieties grown worldwide. Depending on local market availability, there's plenty of different tastes and textures!
  • While apple growers favor dwarf varieties for ease of picking, some apple trees can tower at 40 feet.
  • The most popular apple varieties include Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala and the Golden Delicious.
  • A bushel of apples weighs in at a whopping 42 pounds.
  • While you may refrigerate apples, a room temperature apple will ripen almost 10 times faster.
  • In the Colonial time period, the apple was referred to as the "melt in your mouth" fruit.
  • Unlike many machine harvested fruits and veggies, every apple picked is still harvested by hand.
  • George Washington grew and pruned his own apple trees in his spare time!
  • A medium apple packs only 80 calories, making this heart healthy handheld meal a winner!
  • The largest apple ever picked weighed in at a whopping three pounds.

Make an Apple Feast

While an apple in itself can make a meal, you can encourage him to consume more apples by cooking special recipes catering around the fruit. Consider whipping up a fresh batch of homemade applesauce, or take the weekend off to pick fresh apples and dip them in a sweet caramel sauce. Once she realizes how tasty and sweet the apple fruit is, she's bound to be more open to this daily addition on her food plate.

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Apple Facts for Children