Where to Find Halloween Safety Kits

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A Halloween safety kit is a great way to teach your children how to stay safe during this exciting time of year.

Safety Kits for Halloween

From safety tips and pumpkin carving kits for kids to reflective stickers and fun snack recipes, there are several different types of safety kits available to make Halloween a safe and happy time for everyone.

  • A safety kit for kids from McGruff the Crime Dog
  • Reflective safety kits for higher visibility
  • A safe pumpkin carving kit for kids

McGruff Safety Kit for Halloween

An excellent resource to help children make Halloween a safe and fun-filled day is sharing a McGruff Halloween safety kit with them. Available from the McGruff Crime Dog website, the kit can be ordered in quantities from one to 5,000, making it perfect for families, schools or other organizations.Packed with Halloween safety tips that are presented in a fun format, the Halloween kit includes:

  • Safety hints
  • Recipes
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Jokes
  • A Halloween safety quiz
  • Costume ideas
  • Halloween party ideas
  • Information on accessing the McGruff online Halloween information section for kids and their parents. The online section has more great Halloween advice, information and tips.

The McGruff website also offers reflective plastic Halloween trick or treat bags which make children more visible at night. Available in nine styles, these Halloween bags can be ordered in quantities of 150-1,000.

Additional McGruff Safety Kits

McGruff the Crime Dog has been helping to keep children safe since 1982. Easily recognized by most children throughout the country, McGruff visits schools teaching children about safety issues. One of the most popular safety kits offered is the McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit. Teaching kids how to stay safe on the streets and the Internet, the ID kit includes a child-safe fingerprint ink and personal identity profile. The ID kit is available in English and Spanish.

Other safety kits from McGruff include:

  • McGruff Internet Safety Kit
  • McGruff Kids on Wheels Kit
  • McGruff Safer Seniors Kit

Be Reflective for Greater Visibility

If children are going to be out trick or treating at night on Halloween, adding reflective tape to their costumes and trick or treat bags helps to make them more visible. You can purchase reflective tape for clothing online at websites such as Identi-Tape and Bike Somewhere.

Pumpkin Carving Kit for Kids

For many children carving a pumpkin for Halloween is part of the holiday fun. Using a carving kit made especially for children helps keep little fingers and hands safe. An example of this type of safety kit is the Pumpkin Masters Kid's Carving Kit for ages six and up. Although the carving kit is for children, an adult should always be present to supervise, or help with the pumpkin carving fun.The following items are included in the pumpkin carving kit:

  • A pair of skeleton carving gloves
  • A safety-tooth saw
  • A scraper scoop
  • Perforated stencils for easy tracing
  • A large crayon
  • Instructions

Whether you decide to use one type of Halloween safety kit or all of them, following Halloween safety tips helps make Halloween a safe and happy holiday.

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