Water Safety Games

Teach children water safety games.

Water safety games are a great way to teach young children pool safety. Learn about new games you can teach your children in a pool and where to find fun water safety games online.

Water Safety Games for Kids

Water safety games don't have to be boring. The following are some fun and safe games your kids can play in a pool:

  • Atomic Whirlpool teaches children about currents. Line children up so they are arms length from the person in front of them in water that is two- to three-feet deep, depending on the size of the children. The water should be about thigh high. Have the children start walking together in a circle, then move to a jog and finally try to run, staying in a circle. Have them stop and then try to go in the other direction. It is almost impossible to go against the current they have created.
  • Scavenger Huntteaches young children not to be afraid of water. The depth of the water should be about waist deep for the children. You can divide children into teams and have them dive for items that are heavy enough to sink to the bottom but have no sharp edges such as spoons or specially designed weighted pool toys. There should be two of each item so each team will be able to gather one of each item from their list. One person at a time has to retrieve an item from the list. The first team that gathers all of their items wins.
  • Red Light Green Light shoes young children to listen to swimming instructors and stop when they hear a whistle blow. Played just like the game out of water. The instructor has the children stand in water that is no higher than waist deep. The teacher says, "green light" to allow the children to advance toward him or her. When they say "red light" and blow a whistle, all the children have to stop immediately. Anyone who moves after the teacher says "red light" is out. The first student to the side of the pool by the teacher wins.

Check out the following websites for more ideas on safe pool games for small children with no swimming skills and teens who can swim in deeper water:

Water Safety Internet Games

If it is not quite warm enough in your area to learn safety games while in a pool then try these fun water safety games on the Internet:

Water Safety Tips

Before you hit the pool or beach to play games in the water, safety rules should be discussed. Basic rules that can be discussed include:

  • Swim buddies
  • Swimming pool rules such as no running, pushing or jumping from the side of the pool
  • Wearing protective foot gear in unfamiliar water such as ponds or lakes
  • Only swim in designed areas and not past buoys while at the beach
  • Get out of the water when you see a storm approaching or lightning

Many more water safety tips can be found at the National Water Safety Program website.

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