Valentine's Day Quotes for Kids

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Valentine's Day quotes for kids can be used in a variety of ways to help kids celebrate this popular holiday.

Using Valentine's Day Quotes for Kids

Valentine's Day quotes can be used to personalize cards and gifts from kids to their family and friends. Quotes can be original or borrowed. In what ways can kids use these quotes?

Valentine's Cards

Probably the most popular way to incorporate quotes with a Valentine theme is on Valentine's cards. Help kids make up their own silly quotes by having them write down what Valentine's Day means to them, and them having them transfer their written quotes into cards. Print cards using a word processing program on the computer, or supply construction paper or cardstock, along with markers, glue, and any other embellishments you have on hand. Once they have cut and designed their cards, they can write their own personalized quotes inside.

Valentine's Crafts

Consider using Valentine's Day quotes for kids in handmade crafts that you and your children can easily make to give as gifts to family and friends. Simple crafts could include the following:

Photo album-Give the gift of pictures to a favorite relative. Let kids print out some of their favorite photos and create a photo album out of cardstock. Punch holes in one end, and tie a ribbon to hold the pages together. Have kids write an original quote underneath each picture, or print out a caption on the computer to add to each photo page.

Personalized flowerpot-Purchase small terra cotta pots, and let kids decorate the pots with markers and paints. Have kids write their original quotes around the rim of the pot, and spray an acrylic sealant on after they have finished writing on and decorating the pot completely.

Banners-Let kids write out their favorite quotes on large pieces of butcher block paper cut to banner size, or print out a banner on the computer complete with quotes in large letters. Children can decorate the banners with drawings as well.

Humor vs. Romance

Quotes are often centered around a theme, and kids' Valentine's Day quotes are no exception. Very young children typically use easy quotes that express their simple thoughts of love and devotion, mainly to their parents, although they may also write sayings to their siblings, grandparents, and other family members. As children grow and mature, however, their focus turns to their peers, and so the quotes they choose may be more friendship-centered as well. Boys and girls who now have crushes on significant others may choose the humorous route as a means of expressing their affection. These quotes may be self-penned or copied from an inspiring Website. Either way, quotes will help kids relate their thoughts and feelings about this special day.

Quote Websites

Sometimes kids need a little help to find inspiration for their writing. The following Websites offer a variety of quotes, many of which are perfect for kids to use in their cards, crafts, and decorations.

BrownieLocks-Kids will love the silly poems and sayings found on this site. Whether they choose quotes from the poem "Veggie Valentine", or they select the whimsical verses of "The kangaroo's Courtship", your kids are sure to find a number of quotes perfect for their needs.

Activity Village-This site offers a variety of quotes that are suitable for kids.

My Dear Valentine-This site is filled with friendship quotes perfect for a Valentine's Day celebration. Instead of the romantic connotations associated with many Valentine's Day themes, the friendship quotes found here allow kids to revel in the day without delving into the mushy themes of love and romance.

Finally, encourage kids to look at many different quotes before creating their own to use in a variety of ways to celebrate this popular holiday. Using quotes is a good way to develop their creative skills, as well as their verbal, written, and spelling skills. Of course, Valentine's Day quotes are also simply lots of fun!

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Valentine's Day Quotes for Kids