Super Bowl Activities for Kids


Making use of fun Super Bowl activities for kids can help get them into the spirit of competition, while providing teachable moments.

Super Bowl

Every winter, the top two teams in the National Football League meet to determine who that year's national football championship team is. The nationally-televised sporting event is a terrific opportunity for family bonding, especially if you use Super Bowl Activities for kids to help get your children into the spirit of the game.

Super Bowl Activities for Kids

There are all kinds of activities that you can do with your kids to get them involved in the excitement of the Super Bowl. A few ideas to use to get started are:

Plan a Super Bowl-Themed Party

Kids love parties. Since you are already planning to watch the Super Bowl, why not invite other families and make it a party?

  • Design Super Bowl-themed invitations with your kids using the colors of the participating teams.
  • Plan a menu that incorporates the colors of the teams into the foods.
  • Bake football and helmet-shaped cookies and decorate them with team colors.
  • Make decorations in the colors of opposing teams.
  • Have all of the guests come wearing football jerseys.
  • Decorate football-themed cupcakes with green for turf and use decorator's icing to pipe on white field lines.

Super Bowl Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are another fun way to get your kids in the spirit of the Super Bowl.

  • Make team pennants for both teams using felt and glue.
  • Use fabric paints to create t-shirt "uniforms" for your favorite team. You can also decorate socks or other white pieces of clothing.
  • Create football dioramas using shoeboxes and recycled items from around the house.
  • Create a football team program in the shape of a helmet or football. Use decorated construction paper for the cover. Inside the book, children can draw pictures of players and write player bios.
  • Have children design team logos out of construction paper and other materials.

Super Bowl Learning Activities

The Super Bowl is also a good time for learning. Kids can sharpen math and word skills by participating in Super Bowl-themed activities.

  • Create or find a word search with football and Super Bowl words including team names, football terms, team colors, and more
  • Have older kids create a football-themed crossword puzzle that younger kids can solve
  • Create a football quiz for kids to solve
  • Teach children to calculate simple math concepts such as yardage during the game, and ask them how far the team has to go to get a touchdown.
  • Have kids identify the teams' hometowns on a map.
  • Have your kids do basic Internet research to learn simple facts about the cities of each team.

Super Bowl Games for Kids

When it's time to get active, try these football games.

  • Create a football toss by hanging a hula-hoop from a tree branch. Have everyone try to get the ball through the hoop. You can modify this game for indoors by using a Nerf football and clearing a safe area where the toss can take place.
  • Play football charades or Pictionary, having kids act out various football terms.
  • Play "balloon football." Blow up a balloon in each of the teams' colors and bat the balloon around the room, trying to keep it in the air. Whenever a balloon touches down, the opposite team gets seven points.
  • Have all participants write a football cheer and perform it. Vote to see whose is best.
  • Play pin the helmet on the player.

The Super Bowl can be fun for kids of all ages. Even if your kids aren't die-hard sports fans with bedrooms decorated in sports motifs, with some pre-planning, you can keep all of your kids excited about one of America's most popular sporting events.

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Super Bowl Activities for Kids