Summer Safety Songs

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Summer is the ideal time for kids to be kids. School is out, so children can relax and enjoy all the splendor of sunshine and freedom. When the weather heats up, so can the chances that kids will encounter danger, and emergency rooms are typically very busy in the summer. As children are exploring the outdoors and spending time in new places, they need to be prepared for how to best stay safe throughout the warmest season. These songs can be enjoyed on their own, or you may use them as part of summer safety lesson plans and as a way to introduce safety topics to children.

Fun in the Sun

We all love to soak up the sun's rays during the summertime, but children need to learn how important it is to wear sunscreen. Canadian Dermatology offers the sing-along song called "Sun Safe Play Everyday!" that can be accessed for free on YouTube. In this video, kids get to follow the lyrical adventures of Guy and his dog, Norman, as they discover all the ways to be smart about enjoying the great outdoors in sunny weather. It will make wearing sunscreen and staying safe a whole lot more fun this summer. This video is recommended for children between the age of two and six.

Beware of Poison

As insects can really get in the way when kids are enjoying time outdoors, many parents may turn to insecticides and other poisons to get rid of bugs. Unfortunately, common substances in many households can be poisonous to children if they ingest them. The song "Poison" by the Danger Rangers teaches children how to identify and avoid poisons. "Poison" is available to view for free on YouTube, and you can purchase the DVDs with full episodes of Danger Rangers as well. "Poison" is recommended for kids between the ages of three and seven, but some slightly older or younger children may also enjoy it.

Be Water Safe

Talk to your kids about staying safe around water on a regular basis. Providing a soundtrack to those lessons can help kids remember them better than any lecture. Danger Rangers has this topic covered as well. Their video, "Everybody Be Water Safe," offers a really fun approach to talking about all the things kids needs to consider when they put on their swimsuit. This video is accessible for free, and it is best for kids between the ages of three and seven.

Stranger Danger

As children are being introduced to new places during the summer on vacation with their families or when going to gatherings with friends, they often encounter strangers. Some of the most dangerous strangers can seem very harmless and even kid-friendly, but children need to know to never talk to strangers. "Stranger Danger Children's Song" by Patty Shukla can be heard on YouTube for free, where kids can also enjoy the video. It's appropriate for all kids, but it's especially appealing to school-age children.

Spinning Safely

Getting on a bike and riding to a friend's house is one of the simple joys of childhood that is to be treasured and savored. With all the free time that comes during the summer, children will want to jump on their bikes far more often. However, many parents worry about letting their children ride their bicycles alone or even stay safe on them when they are supervised. The "Bike Safety Boogie" by Will Stroet lets children know all about the important choices that they can make to be safe while they ride their bikes. It's available to watch for free on YouTube, and it's best for kids between the ages of five and ten.

Write Your Own Song

When you can't find the song you're seeking about safety issues, why not make your own fun and create one yourself? You can make your song as silly or as serious as you prefer. Enlist the help of your kids, too, so it's really a team effort. Your children are very likely to remember the songs that they helped to create, and they will also remember the music's message.

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Summer Safety Songs