Spring Word Search for Elementary Children

spring word search

Working on a word search can be a fun and educational activity for kids, and these spring-themed word searches are as appropriate for the classroom as they are for passing a pleasant afternoon at home. Print as many copies as you need, give the kids some pencils, and watch them go to work finding a variety of spring terms.

Spring Word Search Printable

This first word search contains 11 words that can all be associated with spring. It provides an opportunity for younger children to add a few larger words to their vocabulary.

The words are placed horizontally, vertically, diagonally and even backwards. Remind the children to cross words off the list at the bottom of the page as they find them. This makes it easier to keep track as they go. This printable also comes with a separate answer key.

If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips.

Spring Animal Word Search Printable

Spring is a season filled with new life, and kids will really enjoy looking through this search to find many of their favorite animals and bugs. With 13 words to look for, this search might take a little longer to complete than the one above, but kids will love the challenge. The majorty of these words are recognizable to even the youngest readers, and they run backwards and forwards, as well as horizontally, vertically and diagonally. This printable comes with a separate answer key as well.

More Spring Theme Word Searches

If your kids really love doing word searches, you're going to need more sources. The following websites offer terrific searches that come in levels to match every child's abilities.


Kaboose.com has some terrific spring-themed word searches, as well as crossword puzzles and anagrams. One of the nicest features of this site is that it provides searches in four different levels of difficulty, ranging from beginner to medium, hard and challenging. The only drawback here is that the site doesn't provide an answer key with their printables, so you may want to complete a copy yourself and save it in case you need one later.


DLTK's Holiday Game Site also offers many puzzles, poems, coloring sheets and games. Their word searches also come in different levels of difficulty, but your also have the choice of printing your searches in color or black and white printouts. This can help either save on ink costs or attract the attention of a child who is tired of the bleakness of winter. There are no answer keys provided.


ABCTeach is another online resource designed mainly for teachers, but it's available to anyone. The word searches on this site are different in that they are laid out in patterns that match the theme. For example, the spring tornado search is actually shaped like a tornado. Other fun pring-themed searches include butterflies and flowers. Answer keys are provided for each of these free printables.

A Learning Opportunity

Grade school age children may like working on these spring word searches just for the fun of it, but they're also improving their reading, spelling and concentration skills at the same time. Take a look through these searches, and you're bound to find several that are perfect for your child.

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Spring Word Search for Elementary Children